Hi, my name is YukiHataharu

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Hi, my name is YukiHataharu

Postby YukiHataharu » Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:03 pm

Hello my name is Yuki Hataharu :O but that's just a pen name. ^_^ Im currently writing a Bl novel called Kurenai kissu "crimson kiss". currently its a 300 page book. Im only 15 years old, and hell, next year Ill be legal and able to get a job. But, if anyone in this forum has artistic talent, if they can draw manga, I was wondering if they wanted to partner up with me. ^_^ its a yaoi, and the main characters name is nagato Kisuke, who just recently transferred into the elite school Mitsutashi high, where is roommates name is kaname hatake, and he turns out to be a vampire. O_O
Ya, im gonna need someone willing to draw bite scenes (sighs a breathe of dispair) =_= thats hard to find, truthfully, and Ive already met with some artists already but in truth they didn't draw that well. :O so if anyone's interested in the story line, or in the position ^_^ comment please,
or email me at HataharuYuki@hotmail.com

^^; Truthfully i though this place would be a good opportunity, and I already get a lot of amazing feedback from peers who never even liked yaoi in the first place. So right now, my confidence is at an all time high! :D
I really look up to shingiku nakamura becuase shes my favorite mangaka. :D I love her work. Anyways, if your interested please let me know ^_^ and thankyou for this chance. :O if your not its understandable *hopes she doesn't get bad comments* :P

I got to anime conventions every year, if I find someone to draw it we can present it there ^_^ at the conventions too. :O maybe even one day it might be published here at june! *head in the clouds*
well anyways,

Arigatou gonzaimasu! ^____^
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Re: Hi, my name is YukiHataharu

Postby Hiyoshimaru » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:23 pm

Hello, I believe eManga, is taking submissions for manga! I hope that helps.
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