Harlequin romance manga now available on eManga.com!

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Harlequin romance manga now available on eManga.com!

Postby ChibiKami » Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:08 pm

In a new and exciting team-up, Digital Manga Publishing and Softbank Creative have come to bring Harlequin romance manga for online rental at eManga.com!

Harlequin manga are the manga versions of the popular romance novels, and till now, many of these have remained unavailable in english! For lovers of romance, shojo, and manga, we are excited to bring them to you!

And for a limited time only, we’re running a special offer for these Harlequin titles:

When you rent any Harlequin book for 200 points, you will automatically receive a promo code for 50 points. And, when you rent the book again to keep it, you will receive another promo code for 25 points!

These codes will be sent to your email. To use your points, just redeem the code on the eManga website. This code is one-time use, has no expiration date, and is transferable. The points are just like any other points purchased on eManga and are good towards any rental.

This promotion begins at noon (12:00pm PST) on Friday, December 4th, and ends at noon (12:00pm PST) on Wednesday, December 9th.

So check out the great lineup of new manga available at eManga for rental, and you can sample all of them too!


We hope you enjoy these newest additions!
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Re: Harlequin romance manga now available on eManga.com!

Postby Brad_Pitt » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:33 am

Great information sharing...!
Keep it up...!
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