Western Digital back up drive?

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Western Digital back up drive?

Postby Connel Radd » Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:12 am

Does anyone have a Western Digital My Book Home edition 1TB back up drive. I bought one today and I set it up to back up my documents and music files etc. 6 hours later it was still backing up itunes so I cancelled it and set up a new back up and now it does nothing. I have tried setting another new back up, go through all the steps, click done, and it just sits there doing nothing still! Not only that but there is no facility (that I can see) to delete the previous back up schedule, so every time I reboot my PC it all starts up again. The documentation which comes with it is useless. Only talks about how to connect it.
Anyone any ideas?
Connel Radd
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