Groups of two looking for a third

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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby dbough » Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:36 pm

**Sorry for the Double Post - The group determined some clarifications were needed **

--Looking for a Translator--

Hi All -

My name is Dan, I'm 33 and a network / software engineer by day. I also have a little start up called 'The Mad Poppet' which is currently being used as an outlet to chat about Japanese culture and the like (

I've teamed up with two typesetters (Bianca and Eva) and we're looking for a translator to complete the group.

You can read a little more about me here:

Bianca is a graphic designer who loves photography.
You can see a bit of Bianca and Eva's work below:
Larger sample: (This is an 8MB download, but has a great sampling of their work)

We're extremely excited about this opportunity and are ready to get started!

I look forward to hearing from you!

To be clear, as a group we would split the earnings as follows:

Editor Share: Dan (dbough)
Typesetter Share : Eva / Bianca (they would split whatever share we decided on for the typesetter role)
Translator Share: <TBD>

-Dan Bough!/4LeafCloverDMG

Team: Four-leaf Clover
Editor: Dan (dbough)
Typesetters: Eva / Bianca
Translator: Lissar
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby tumblingsong » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:59 pm

Looking for a translator primarily of course :).

I'm an east coast post-college student taken a few classes to round off my qualifications. I've been qualified to do both typesetting and editing. I've sent in all of my agreements and forms to DMG. I'd be happy to form a group of two or to join up with someone who has already passed the typesetter or editing exam to spread the work around.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby Idioteva » Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:42 pm

Myself and Coatimundi are currently looking for an editor to complete our group of three.

My name is Nicola and I am the typesetter for the group. I am 23, live in the UK and am a mother of one. I have dabbled in the world of scanlating but have never been able to fully commit to it long term due to university and my son. Now that he is attending school, I finally have the time to give to it. I have been reading BL for about 10 years now and have seen just about everything the genre can spring. As for normal manga, I like all genres but prefer mystery, psychological and supernatural titles. My favourite mangka include Yoneda Kou, Makoto Tateno, Tooko Miyagi and Kaori Yuki.

Coatimundi is the translator for our group. She is 27 and lives in the US. She is new to BL and yaoi but is a real go getter and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She is willing to read absolutely anything but prefers mysterious or supernatural stories. One of her favourite animes is Mushi-shi and her favourite mangaka include Takahashi Shin and Katou Shinichi. She is currently about to finish one of the special assignments and has experience with working with the guild.

We looking for an editor that would focus on making sure that the translation sounds natural rather than focusing on the spelling and grammar aspect. We would prefer someone who already has their contract sent as we would like to begin work as soon as my contract hits dry land and Coati's assignment is complete (which is very soon). We are working on BL titles for now but are hoping to branch off into different genres as the opportunity arises. We are wanting to get to know our editor before choosing because in order for a group to work we believe it can't run strictly on business. Please send a PM to me if you are interested.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby nami01 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:06 pm

EDIT: The group spot has been filled! Thanks!

Hello Everyone!

I am a translator with a typesetter that now has no editor. We already have a pack that is due December 1st.

We are looking for an editor that can do the entire pack. Anyone interested? Please send me a PM.
Thank you!

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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby imperialkat » Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:23 am

Team Empire (imperialkat the editor and Befrienderer the translator) is looking for a new typesetter to work with our group. We already have a pack and the first title is due Dec. 10th, although due to our situation we could probably get an extension if necessary (our old typesetter dropped out a couple of weeks ago -- life circumstances). We have great communication and a very talented translator. If you're interested in joining our team or have any questions about us please PM me.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby hanged_man » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:29 pm

Edit: It seems for the time being that Saru and I have found a companion to put up with our nonsense. Thanks to everyone.

Saru and I are currently looking for a translator to complete our team!

I, as the editor, have a BA in English (am currently working on the MA) and experience editing visual, academic, and professional work. Saru is a professional artist and a wayward student of graphic design.
As I said, we're looking for someone to complete the group. Both of us have sent our paperwork in, and are ready to get started whenever you are. We're interested in someone who enjoys what they do and takes pride in it. We know this work can be trying, but are interested in putting out a good product, and having some (/a lot) fun with it in the process.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby ficdogg » Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:17 am

DMGstardust no longer needs a translator, the position has been filled.

Must have passed DMG's translator test and have submitted their contract to DMG.

So here we are again, we are looking for a translator to complete our group DMGstardust. We already have titles assigned and have completed one already, we need a translator to finish the other two books.

Mine and Angela's info

About Calica
My name is Angela Eastman. I have a BA in English with a minor in Writing for Communication, and I'm currently enrolled in a Creative Writing MFA program. I worked a short editorial internship for a magazine in 2007, and I currently write articles for Suite 101.

I have excellent grammar skills, I am meticulous to ensure there aren't any mistakes, and I am very hardworking, especially in a situation like this where I know there are other group members waiting on me to complete my work.

If you'd like to learn more about me, my website can be found here:

About me(ficdogg)
My name is Philip, Im 22 and I have a Bachelors in Computer Science (focusing on graphic and 3D work).
I am a big fan of anime and manga, mostly shonen ^ ^ Dragonball, Hajime no Ippo and Great Teacher Onizuka are my faves, both the anime and the manga, and this is a great opportunity for me to have some part of the manga world.
I have some very basic understanding of Japanese and working on improving it, but nowhere near good enough to translate.

The title we completed is The color of the clear blue sky

Remaining books are
Chayamachi's Collection BLANC
Chayamachi's Collection NOIR

You can contact us here or on our website
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Group rep and typesetter for DMGstardust.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby Russesa » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:14 pm

Status update, 12/12/11:
Please refer to our remastered ad. :)

Status update, 11/15/11:
We've made arrangements for the books in this bundle. Thank you to the people who've made offers. <3
We will still need a permanent translator for later bundles, starting next year. Thank you!

Sinister Hands is seeking an emergency replacement translator for the second and third projects in our batch, which are due in January and February. An extension may be needed if the position goes unfilled for long, so we're hoping to find someone quickly.

We'd prefer someone who has already passed the test, turned in their contract, and is able to start immediately.

We don't mind if you're already committed to another group - if you can spare the time to help us on the side with one or both books, we'd be eternally grateful. If it will help, I'm able to offer a work trade system. I can fill in as a typesetter for a group that has unexpectedly found itself without one, and with a deadline looming. All I'd ask in return is for your group's translator to give us a hand. We can help each other out.

If you're interested in joining us permanently, great! But don't feel that you have to - we will need to fill the translator position on a more permanent basis in the future, but our priority right now is to meet the deadlines we were assigned.

The books needing translation are:

My Brother & I 僕はお兄ちゃん。boku wa oniichan by Kei Kanai
Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun なずな先生と神田くん nazuna sensei to kanda kun by Yuuki Takada

If you can help us in any capacity, please contact me here on the forums, on twitter @SinisterHands, or at sinister_hands(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Additional information:

Our previous ad is located here, in case you're interested in our credentials. We have already completed and submitted one book, Climb on to My Shoulders, by Yuuki Takada.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby Mystaira » Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:32 pm

Update: Editor found! Thank you everyone who offered their help!

Taiheiyou Dreamers are in need of a replacement editor for all three volumes we've been assigned. The first two already have been translated, but still need to be edited.

We are looking for someone who has already passed the test and sent in their contract, so that they can get to work as soon as they've been officially added to the group. We should be getting an extension to our deadlines, but we'd like to get them done as soon as we can.

We're hoping for someone who is fairly skilled at editing and knows their way around the English language. Also for someone who is familiar with Yaoi and won't have any problems with editing it. And is confident and can help make decisions on things that we can't seem to agree on. And won't abandon us in the middle.

We are Mystaira (Typesetter) and sora_power (Translator).

The titles we are working on are Long Version volumes 1 & 2 and Touch Blue.

If you are interested in joining us or want to know more about us, please feel free to contact me on here.
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Re: Groups of two looking for a third

Postby Anton » Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:42 am

Shi-san (editor) and me (typesetter) looking for a translator. Dareka isyouni manga wo eigoyakusitai desu ka? ;)
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