Underrated/Overrated: Travel Spots

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Underrated/Overrated: Travel Spots

Postby Evan » Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:07 pm

Since we're all from different areas, I thought it might be fun to talk about where we are from - what it's famous for, and what it SHOULD be famous for. This will be a bit more of a challenge for those of us from more rural areas (or maybe not?)... but anyways, I'll get us started.

I'm living in LA now, but since some of us are also from there, I'd like to dedicate my entry to my hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

While Minnesota is often stereotyped as a place where it's cold all the time, the good thing about having 4 months of snow is that you learn to appreciate the good weather when you get it. Minneapolis has tons of lakes, and the Aquatennial (held each Summer on lakes throughout the city) is the best example of that. My favorite event: the milk carton boat race, where people make giant boats solely out of milk cartons and race them across a lake. YEAH.

This one is easy - the Mall Of America. We have the USA's largest mall! OMG! That may sound nice, but it's essentially like every other mall you've ever been to. It's the same thing, only bigger. Think of it as a, say, "family size" container of food from Costco. When you see it, you think "Wow, that's so awesome!" - but after eating it constantly, you begin to regret its mere existence in your pantry.
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Re: Underrated/Overrated: Travel Spots

Postby the_silent_hero » Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:11 pm

Aaah~ I could do my hometown, Lubbock, Texas, but nah~ I'll do my current town. This is pretty much gonna help me with my frustration of living in such a little town. XD
I'll be nice though and say some truly good things about Laredo, Texas. Probably followed by some bad things XD

It's definitely a much looked over town because its so small. Granted, it's the biggest in the area, but thats because no matter which direction you drive from Laredo, you will first pass a tiny town before hitting those huge cities like San Antonio or Corpus Christi. Anyway, while its not as big as San Antonio, they do have a yearly celebration to honor George Washington that is worth going to see. The festivities last about a month (the month of February because thats the old George's birthday) and include activities like:
-The Jalepeno Eating Contest (not for enemies of spicy)
-The Stars and Stripes Air Show (really cool)
-The Princess Pocahontas Pageant (Sounds kinda random, but it's still cool to see)
-The George Washington Birthday Celebration Parade (parades are always fun)
-The George Washington Birthday Celebration Youth Parade (only cool if your a parent)
-The GWBCA Carnival (the only fun thing that comes to Laredo every year for residents)
-The Jamboozie (....its a New Orleans Mardi Gras themed outdoor party...with beads....and dancers...and drinking...and bands...not for younger audiences.)
-The Society of Martha Washington Pageant (Yea, its a show of 20 girls dressed in ENORMOUS ball gowns that weigh more than double their own weight in gemstones/fabric/and wigs. They don't walk, they pretty much just move their arms, but the gowns are really amazing.)
-The "Abrazo" Ceremony (basically a kid from the US and a kid from Mexico hug to symbolize the peace between the two countries)
-The Wine Tasting Gala (borrrrrrring. Unless you like wine.)
-Taste of Laredo (freeeee foooood tasting!)
and some other things I can't think of at the moment XD

Well, I don't think Laredo has enough publicity in a good way to be overrated. XD
I'm pretty sure the only thing people know about Laredo is its new reputation (that I've seen all over the news) for being one of the dumbest cities in the U.S (it doesen't help that we have NO bookstore whatsoever), and its right next door to Mexico, which means there is an abundance of violence on the Mexican side that we can hear on a daily basis. Not to mention people in Laredo are scared to wander into the downtown area because of the border violence. I'm just glad that I haven't lived my entire life in Laredo xD

Anyway, thats my current city, Laredo Texas! :D
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Re: Underrated/Overrated: Travel Spots

Postby dfgdfty » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:13 am

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Re: Underrated/Overrated: Travel Spots

Postby dfgdfty » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:13 am

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