☆Translator Referral Contest! Win amazing prizes!!☆

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☆Translator Referral Contest! Win amazing prizes!!☆

Postby HiroPon » Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:14 pm

Have any friends who speak Japanese? Why, you should recruit them as translators for DMG! Why? Because we have WAY too many assignments and we desperately need more translators - and oh yes, also because you could win fabulous prizes! The three DMG members who recruit the most new qualified translators (they have to pass the test!) by the end of Jan. 31st, 2012 midnight PST will receive:
※First Prize (refer to pic): An autographed original art shikishi with a super-cute drawing by Kikuko Kikuya of the characters from her manga “Entangled Circumstances” AND an original Japanese copy of “S” Vol. 1 autographed by author Saki Aida
※Second Prize: A DIFFERENT autographed original art shikishi by Kikuko Kikuya from "Entangled Circumstances"
※Third Prize: An oriignal Japanese-language copy of "The Spiral of Sand" autographed by author Yuna Aoi
It’s easy as pie. Just don’t forget to tell your friends to type your full name in the “Other References” box located at the bottom of the registration form. If they forget, you won’t receive credit, so make sure they include your name!
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Re: ☆Translator Referral Contest! Win amazing prizes!!☆

Postby 2old4yaoi » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:50 pm

OK - let me say this - after seeing Hiropon done quite a bit of begging on the telecasts :lol: . If DMG is serious about getting translator referral - the reward has to be much better than this. When you refer someone to work in a regular co - the going bonus starts from $250 at least.

I think DMG should start thinking more creatively about getting translators. Why not partner with educational institutes out there to get those Japanese language students at school / colleges to do this as part of their extra credit projects? You can approach this two ways in two continents - get those Japanese students studying English in Japan to do the translation as part of their extra credit work. Or try to get those American students studying Japanese over here to do the translations. How should you go about doing this? Starting networking with those English Languague instructors in Japan or Japanese instructors over here in US - take them to coffee, give your proposals etc ... Now that DMG is starting to get more mainstream, non-Yaoi works, this might be feasible. I would start now because to explore these ideas because it will take 6 - 12 mo for those educators to change their curiculum.

This can be pretty similar to those big cos giving the MBA teams at some universities case studies to do.
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Re: ☆Translator Referral Contest! Win amazing prizes!!☆

Postby chirechan » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:08 am

Personally, I'm waiting for sales figures before referring anyone because after talking to people a year ago (has it really been that long already?) that was the main point of skepticism. Granted, I was moving in shadier, non-yaoi circles than most here in the DMG. The translators I know aren't going to join for the sake of more BL ;) As such, I am also waiting for the non-yaoi licenses announcement, which I think will definitely attract more people like 2old4yaoi mentioned.
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