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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby Appriser » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:03 am

Hello everyone!

I was just recently informed that I passed the editor test and I am looking for a group :)

I live in Canada and I am currently working towards my degree in Library Science.
I’ve been a huge fan of manga for years and I am excited to become a part of the process!

I have lots of free time and I am usually sitting in front of my computer, so if anyone is looking for a new member, please PM me!
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby scratchy211 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:29 am

low and behold, another editor comes out of the mix.
As i just said, I'm an editor. My name is Stephen. i don't have much experience or a huge long bio like others, but I'm just as hard working and just as smart. I get my job done perfectly. Let me know if you're interested in teaming up with me. PM is fine. :D
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby stlwright » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:35 am

I wish i could edit my post. Dont want to sound too pushy. I need another translator for the group. I want to even out the numbers so everyone in the group can have something to work on. Rite now there is a total of two editors, two typesetters and one translator. Pm me if u can join.
akasha2003 - Typesetter
trunkschan90 - Typesetter
angelzash - Editor
Chilli - Editor
mushroomery - Translator
stlwright - Translator!/BoyPassionDMG

*Group closed*
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby KouCross » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:05 am

[Update from last post, because can't find an edit button]

I found a translator. : D
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby drine666 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:09 am


I was just informed that I passed successfully the editor test.
So, now, I need to join a group :D

I often go to Japan (Tokyo) and buy a lot of yaoi manga and novels here, because ther are not enough yaoi in occident.
I translate them in french, and english (I know hiragana and katakana).
My prefered author are: Minami Haruka, Yamane Ayano, Sera, Fujisaki Kou, ... and a lot of other!

Actually, I'm learning Japanese at University because I intend to immigrate in Tokyo in 2 years. So, I think in few month I will be able to translate kanjis too, and I will take the translator test :)

I am a big fan of yaoi and I made a lot af translation and edition of them for my friends.

I would like to work with one or more groups (I am available to work every nights : I read more than 3 mangas per days, and one novel per week).
My co-worker must be open-minded, efficient, able to work on more than one project at a time and fast.

The most improtant: I want to work with yaoi fan who enjoy and have experience in this type of job.

You can contact me at:

I look forward to work with you ;)
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby emwin » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:35 am

We are a group in need of at least one translator. So far our group consists of:

darla - typesetter
kairatikul - typesetter
emwin - editor
a second potential editor already contacted

If you are a translator looking to be part of a dedicated, hard-working group, please send a message. We've all been in touch outside the DMG forums and are looking forward to adding a translator to get our group established and ready to go. Thanks!
Group Members:

Translator 1: try_smoking
Translator 2: ano_hito
Letterer 1: kairatikul
Letterer 2: darla
Editor 1: emwin (me)
Editor 2: cadkitten
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby nami01 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:39 am


I just received word that I have successfully been accepted at a translator. I am looking for serious group members. I have been translating manga professionally for many years and am gaining new experience as professional anime translator as well. This type of translating guild is new to me, but looks like a lot of fun!

I am willing to translate any type of genre. I have great work ethic and I'm pretty friendly! :3

Looking for a serious typesetter and editor who are willing and are good at deadlines. I am looking for people who will work with all types of genre. PM me if interested! And don't hesitate to ask me questions.

-Angela Liu
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby Snowypenguin94 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:57 am

hey, so i guess we need to get into groups? i am an editor, and i don't really have a long bio as you can read. I can work hard even though so please to meet you if you choose me. ~M
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby BlackNightButterfly » Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:23 pm

okay I have a bit more time now, but since I can't edit my previous posts....I'm 19 year old female living in the central region of the USA. Applied for the editor and typesetter tests, passed. Have a preference for the typesetter position. Supernatural/Horror type manga/anime is what I prefer; recently finished watching Shiki and Red Garden, they made my favorite list next to D-Grayman and others. Have not really gotten into BL, but I like to keep open mind on what I read. Have experience using different graphics editors and fairy fluent in English. Able to take on a good workload feel free to pm if you need more information.
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Re: Group Search: Don't have a group? Find one here.

Postby Hoek » Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:45 pm

Salutations! I'll go by simply “Hoek” in the forums, personal information and all that, but will happily share necessary information upon joining a group. I've recently received my results stating I've passed the typesetter/retoucher test finally making me a part of the Digital Manga Guild! I'm excited to have this opportunity to work in/with manga and look forward to working with others to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible.

What I'm Capable of
I haven't officially worked on any manga publication before. However; I have edited raw Japanese pages on my own as practice and am able to replicate virtually any screentone, SFX effect, page art, backgrounds, etc. I take pride in how well a page is retouched and it's readability, but I do not let that delay me in completing a project. I illustrate on the side which I feel gives me an edge when retouching pages if it becomes necessary to recreate something.

I prefer to finish a project ahead of time so that if there are any mistakes they can be corrected well before a deadline. While I can retouch to remove most, if not all, Japanese SFX/text I don't necessarily have to if that's not what the group leader has in mind. ( ~ _ ^ )

I prefer joining a group with somebody who has some experience seeing as I have never professionally worked in publications of any sort before. Until I get the hang of things at least. I follow orders well and am a very fast learner. I'll work hard to meet any demands or expectations of me.

Applications I use for retouching/typesetting are primarily Photoshop CS5 & Illustrator CS5. Sometimes I use InDesign CS5 as well.

I graduated from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Florida with an Associates of Science in Web Design. The courses I took also encompassed Graphic Design & Flash animation. I illustrate (unprofessionally for now) on the side which I feel gives me an artistic edge when it comes to retouching.

Contact Info
Please PM me here. Upon joining a group I'll give out my email for quicker communications.

Thank you very much!

~ Hoek

Casual Summary
I'm a fast learner, I work hard, I follow orders really well, I retouch/typeset like the wind, I can make pages look like the old school manga releases where all SFX replaced (but I don't have to do that if you'd prefer not ;) ), I've graduated school with an AS in Web Design, did I mention I'm really good at retouching? How about diligent? Please work with me! Thank you! :D
Position: Retoucher/Typesetter
Contact: via PM or

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