Speaking of food options......

Speaking of food options......

Postby prinnydood » Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:14 pm

Hi my name is Ryan and my wife Erissa and I are coming on the Cold Steel tour. The subject of food was brought up in another post and I was wondering if PJT could help us with something.

I got a book recently for Iron Chef and it has all sorts of details about the Iron Chef's and their restaurants including address, phone number, and menu pricing. The info is a little old, the book was published in 2004, but I would hope would still be good. I do not know what sort of possible wait lists there may be for their restaurants but we would like to try and dine at one. If I provided some info would you guys possibly be able to try and arrange a reservation that would work with our tour? We would prefer a lunch(as they are typically cheaper) but we know a night time reservation would probably work better with the tour as to not interfere with anything on the schedule.

Thanks in advance!
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