How to get a cheapest custome tour?

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How to get a cheapest custome tour?

Postby phim » Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:33 pm

I alway want to go to Japan at least one in my life, but money and time are 2 difficult factors.
We, my sister and I, come to love Japan through manga and anime. To tell you the true, I appreciate the author, but don't want to meet them. What can I do when I meet them anyway? I cannot speak Japanese, and do they speak English?
Whenever we read a manga or watch anime, there are scenes that made us go "ah~ I want to go there" or "I want to do that". So We decide that we will save up money and go to Japan on summer 2010.
I'm wondering how much we should save for all-include custome tour.
We want to go to shoping district as shinkjuku, shibuya...places that are mentioned in manga and anime.
We want to go to hot spring tha look similar to all scene in manga and anime.
We want to go to cosplay cafe, comicon, Japan
We want to go to festival (local or big one) and play like a real japanese girls.
We want to go to school festival to see if it has any different from manga/anime.
And lastly but most important, I want to go to Tohoshinki concert. I know JPT cannot obtain THSK ticket for me, but at least you can show me where to join Bigeast (THSK fan club) or where to see them in real live.

That are basicly what I want to do. So how much do you think should be enough for 2 people? (included airfare, hotel, transportations, translators/guides, foods)
Would it be cheaper if there are more people?
We don't need translator/guide all the time, sometime we can merge to another tour if it's convinient.
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Re: How to get a cheapest custome tour?

Postby Gigi » Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:00 pm

Hi Phim,

The way to get the cheapest custom tour is by telling us the price you'd like to pay! If you fill out the form below and tell us your budget, we can arrange a tour that includes the things you want at the price you want. ^_^

Make sure to put all the things you've listed in your form so that when we make a deal with the travel agency, they'll keep it in mind.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else! We can always be contacted here, by email or by phone (310) 817-8010 x111 or toll free (866) 680-1589 x111.

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Postby kiplee67 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:34 pm

uhhm i guess i don't really recommend cheap tours..better save enough money to get the greatest tours you could ever have!! :D :D just be generous to your self sometimes.. :mrgreen:
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