Goukon Tour, June, 2010!

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Goukon Tour, June, 2010!

Postby Carl_PJT » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:46 pm

Hello all! I would like to post an idea of mine that I have had for a while now, and would love to hear some of your opinions as they can definitely help shape this tour!

-- Goukon Tour --

First of let me explain the concept of a “Goukon.” This is really quite unique to Japan, although some parallels can be found with American speed dating.. Some.. at least. It’s actually pretty different. Generally, a girl and a guy will get a few of their friends to come and meet with the friends of the other. With all guys one on side of the table, and all girls on the other side, it is designed to possibly lead to further meetings between those who hit it off, and for a lucky few, it may even lead them to a serious relationship. The great thing about Goukons is that you are in a large group, so it is easier to blend in and just enjoy yourself as part of the said group, or take the attention yourself and entertain everyone there, depending on your style. Goukons are generally held at places like restaurants or Izakaya (Japanese-style bar) with an informal style to them, so you can usually enjoy yourself, as well as some good food and drinks, without worrying about too much. That is why they are so much different than speed dating; if you just relax and be yourself, good things will happen!

For those of you looking for Japanese penpals, friends, or maybe even a boyfriend or girlfriend, this may be your chance! Join us and our native Japanese friends as we show you what the true dating scene is like in Japan!

Basically, this tour revolves around Goukons at night, and then a group date with the Goukon group from the previous night the next day. We will be going to places like Disney Sea, which I am personally very excited about! On the days in between the Goukons, we will take you around all the best spots Tokyo has to offer, and make sure you have the best time you can possibly have!

* This tour is currently scheduled for June, 2010.
* Goukon participants must be 21 or over, as they will take place at bars.

I am posting the preliminary schedule below, so please take a look and give me any thoughts, suggestions, or preferences that you may have!

Day 1
On this day we fly out of LAX and head out to Japan!

Day 2
We arrive in Japan! Rest up for the next day, or take the optional trip to Tokyo Tower!

Day 3
Spend the day looking around Tokyo. Go to the historical Asakusa temple and then take a boat across the Tokyo bay to Odaiba, home of Fuji TV and many shops and restaurants. This is also a very popular spot for young people to hang out at! As an option, enjoy the Onsen here! At night, join us and our first group of Japanese Goukon participants at an Izakaya for Goukon #1!

Day 4
Disney Sea all day! For those of you that are interested you can take the optional trip to Roppongi to get a taste of the nightlife there afterwards!

Day 5
We take you to Harajuku and the famous Meiji Shrine! After this enjoy shopping on the famous Takeshitadori and Omotesandou roads! When we are done with Harajuku, we’re off to Shibuya! This has some of the best nightlife spots in Tokyo, and you will get to have a taste of it for yourself! But before that, enjoy some more shopping, as we go to famous places such as Shibuya 109!

Day 6
This is a free day! Explore the city as you wish our go on our optional day trip to Kamakura and enjoy the “Kyoto of East Japan” and all it has to offer! Make sure to join us at nighttime when we hold our second Goukon, and make some new friends!

Day 7
Go to an amusement park and hang out all day with the group from the night before! At night enjoy what Yokohama has to offer, as we visit Chinatown and Minato-Mirai, nestled right on the Yokohama Bay!

Day 8
Say goodbye to your new friends and go back to America…
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Re: Goukon Tour, June, 2010!

Postby AsianAvery » Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:23 am

I really like this Tour. I would like to have a japanese friend, penpal, or even maybe a serious relationship.
But if not it would still be good to meet new friends.
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Re: Goukon Tour, June, 2010!

Postby Carl_PJT » Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:18 pm

Yes, even if you don't manage to meet the person of your dreams, you will definitely make new friends, and you will definitely have a good time!

The cool thing is, you will be enjoying Japan exactly as Japanese people do! This tour will allow for a new level of cultural immersion, not found on any other tours to Japan as far as I know!

Thinking about this tour, one thing that came up is, since it is more adult oriented, I thought we might move it up a little on our schedule. As many of our customers are students, we felt it might be better to have a tour with a theme more accessible to a wider audience available in June, as that is when Summer vacation starts for many a student.

Perhaps April or May would work? How does that sound?

Remember, just about everything in this tour is tentative and up for discussion, so if anyone has any thoughts regarding anything else, please let us know! Thank you!

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Re: Goukon Tour, June, 2010!

Postby kifoghorn » Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:16 pm

Sry if I dragging up an old thread :? , but What's happening with this tour idea ??? :roll:
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Re: Goukon Tour, June, 2010!

Postby oxnard » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:14 pm

kifoghorn wrote:Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas Vegas hotel list
Sry if I dragging up an old thread :? , but What's happening with this tour idea ??? :roll:

I think it is dead....
Don't you agree?>??!!
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