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read vs keep

Postby mjkitkat » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:05 pm

When I was reading the FAQ of Emanga I saw that your site does not download ebooks or manga but rather time-based rentals streamed through the Adobe Flash player that are dependent on a connection to the Internet. So I don't understand why you would use the word "KEEP" in a purple box when I am not going to "keep" anything??? or am I mistaken and am I buying a download. Frankly I don't see the merit on renting what I can buy instead, but I don't have the space to buy hard copies. Doesn't your site offer ebooks? And what in the point of this point system? Can't you just honestly put the dollar amount on the titles, wouldn't that be simpler?
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Re: read vs keep

Postby crayon » Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:26 am

You are correct. The site does not offer download or ebooks.

When you "rent": the book will appear in your Reading List and you'll have access to the book for 7days. For example looks like this -> for Amber By Night (it'll have a time clock next, indicating how much time you have left)
When you "keep": the book will stay in your Reading List. The book doesn't expire.

We built this site 8 years ago and the idea behind emanga, back then, was "try before you buy" - "try reading online, before you go out and spend $12.95" Now, times are changing- people are looking for ebooks and other digital format.

With DMG (Digital Manga Guild - launching in April, Our IT/development staff is working hard to upgrade this site; new features will be available in summer and we are trying to make this site more user friendly. We are planning on eliminating the "points" system too and will be replaced by $-dollar amount, like you mentioned.

I can understand why you think there isn't a merit on renting and not being able to download. One of the great thing about is that it's made accessible from anywhere in the world with internet access and also without having to purchase expensive hand-held devices.
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