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Offline availibility

Postby tikt0ck » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:17 pm

I'm all for the evolution of manga from physical print to digital. And there are a few mangas that are available on emanga that I want but the platform in which I can access/purchase them makes me hesitate. For one, spending $7-$9 on 'keeping' a manga that I'm only getting the rights to read through stays my hand from pressing on the buy button. I won't actually own anything. The concept of 'keeping the manga forever' after purchase is a lie. It's totally dependent on access to the internet and the continual existence of and its servers. If the company goes belly up and the site goes down, there goes the manga that is purchased by consumers. Even if I would love to get digital copies of manga, with a physical copy, I can take it with me on the train, share it with friends, read it when I don't have internet access and if the company goes under like GoComi and Tokyopop did, I still have access to the manga that I purchases from them.

I hope that DMP would consider the idea of downloading to own. And that we're not all criminals waiting in the wings to defraud the company. Consumers will purchase legitimate copies of things they really want. We're all just waiting for you and other companies easier for us to do so instead of jumping through hoops to buy the manga that we want and are waiting for.
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Re: Offline availibility

Postby Wasabiman » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:06 am

I think your questions have been answered with the revamped site.
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