Yaoi North looking for panelists

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Yaoi North looking for panelists

Postby covarla » Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:00 pm

Have a favorite show or manga that you'd like to discuss? Want to discuss stereotypes or meta themes with other fans? Have a yaoi themed contest or workshop you'd like to run? Yaoi North, a mini-convention within Anime North, is looking for yaoi fans to participate in its panels and events. Suggest a new idea or sign up for an existing panel.

Current suggested panels include: Beyond Yaoi, Ears & Tails What??? Furry & Yaoi, Fanthropology of Slash, Fangirl Logic, Hetalia Yaoi, How to Not Write Badfic, Naruto Yaoi, Psychology of Yaoi, Slash vs Yaoi, and Torchwood.

Anime North (http://www.animenorth.com) takes place in Toronto, Ontario from May 27 through 29th. Yaoi North (http://yaoinorth.com) is a section of Anime North dedicated to yaoi panels, contests, workshops and viewings.
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