S. Mizushiro's "Cornered Mouse" - a good fit for June?

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Re: S. Mizushiro's "Cornered Mouse" - a good fit for June?

Postby kinziechan » Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:40 pm

I have a friend in Japan who will send me items in exchange for as much Mac n Cheese and frosting I can fit in a box. They dont have mnc over there and dont have frosting. Shes lucky enough to have an oven in her apartment so she can bake and enjoy.
The latest thing she sent was some dolly items and the Asami Perfume that was on sale through Animate. I await its arrival.
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Re: S. Mizushiro's "Cornered Mouse" - a good fit for June?

Postby Shroud » Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:19 am

That is pretty much the case here as well. We send snacks and food items they cannot get, they send us food and snacks we can't get, and other things as well. For example one friend sent my children some Japanese picture books and readers for Japanese children 4-8, and some Kumon workbooks that Japanese kids the same age use to practice their hiragana and katakana. They even got us souvenir books and stuff when they went on holiday and sent them to us. The Golden Temple one is amazing! The only problem though is speaking practice. One set of friends are from Osaka and the others are from Tokyo . The Tokyo friends speak "proper" Japanese but Oasaka friends often use Kansai-ben and so we have had some laughs from friends in Tokyo when inadvertently using some learned vocabulary. It probably sounds extra weird when it comes from a British mouth, nevermind one that has an American subtwang to it as well :lol:

But back to the topic. I understand Japanese companies usually operate based upon partnerships that they form with other firms , official or not, and this is deeply rooted in how Japanese business and personal friendship relationships work (I have had numerous discussions about this with several of my friends there, one is a professor who teaches business related subjects, another owns his own business, and so on). So, seeing as say VIZ has such as relationship with a certain publisher or two I understand that this means their is a tacit implied obligation for them to allow a first refusal for a license. But seeing as Viz (or whomever else might have such a relationship with any J-publisher) does not have a Boys Love division and so is highly unlikely to publish anything more than implied or light shone ai, surely with care something could be worked out for these sort of titles.I know these things take time, patience, and luck too! Ganbatte!
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