After I Win Reprint?

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After I Win Reprint?

Postby nycmango » Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:50 pm


DMP had the "DMI Reprint Request Survey" up for a long time already but I haven't hear of any of these books being reprinted. So tell me, is After I win ever going to be reprinted. I'm really annoyed that it's so hard to get older books from your company due to them being "out of print". I feel that there will always been some kind of demand for older titles since people are always being introduced to mangas and those people might want to buy the older titles!

If you have any information about the reprinting of the following books or maybe a reason as to why any of these books will never come in print again I really would love to know and get some answers.

After I win
Black Sun
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor
The Sky Over My Spectacles

Thanks :)
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby lore » Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:59 am

I went to look at the survey, and all of the books you mentioned but After I Win are 801 Media books. I remember reading on the 801 site that they make one large print run of 801 books, and that's it, because it's too expensive to order a reprint.

In printing, the more books you make, the less each book ends up costing you, because even though the price goes up per book you print, the discount becomes bigger. So, for example, a printer will say they can make you 100 books for $1000 ($10/book). But if you order 200 books, it will cost $1500 ($7.50/book), and if you order 400 books, it will cost $2000 ($5/book).

So, you print 400 books to start, easy decision. But the reprint is a trickier proposition. You absolutely can't spend what you spent on the first print run, that will cost too much, but when you look at printing only 100, the price per book goes up so much, you won't be making any money on a 100-book run, and possibly not much on the 200-book run, either. Meanwhile, if you do spend more and get more books and then they don't move, you have to shoulder the cost of storing all those books. Most of the time you end up spending extra money with a reprint, whether it's through less profit on the book itself or on the storage and handling of extra books.

Now, blow my numbers up to 10,000 books or more, and you might be able to see why reprinting is a gamble. A publisher like DMP, which is not even considered a mid-size publisher and which probably works on a very tight budget, has to be certain that a reprint is going to sell well before it invests in one. DMP can't afford to invest thousands of dollars into a reprint that doesn't move, especially when those dollars can go toward the printing of new material.

While there are people interested in older books, the regular buyers are looking for the next new book. And remember, those new books are going to cost less per book to make than a reprint of an old book. It only makes sense for a small publisher to remain focused on putting out new books over reprinting older titles.

So, like I said, the 801 titles were never meant to be reprinted, and probably there hasn't been enough demand yet for After I Win to go to reprint. Filling out the survey and getting your friends to do it, too, is probably a good way to encourage the reprint to happen faster, though.

I'm sure there are hundreds of other issues around printing a book, and I've only boiled it down to the simplest denominators. But I hope this helps everyone understand this one aspect of publishing a little better.
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby lore » Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:20 pm

Nycmango - I understand you won't be buying the book, but I'm going to reply anyway for the others who might be looking here. I'm not trying to convince you to buy the book. ^_^

You may be right, the cost of printing the books overseas might be very low, but there's also the production costs of the book itself that must be added into the price tag. These costs include staff time, the license, the development, the translation, promotion and even the costs of running DMP as a whole. When a staffer is replying here, that staffer isn't working on a book; her or his time here would probably be added into the promotional costs. And then there's any and all shipping costs from overseas to the US, and from the US point back out to the various distributors. Oh, and again, storage costs.

So, each of these seemingly small costs plus the printing add up to make up the total cost of the book. And then remember, DMP may put a $13 price-tag on a book, but they sell the books to wholesalers for less than that - half is usually standard - so that the wholesalers can make money off the book, too.

So, when you think about it, if a regular DMP book is being sold for $6.50, even if a book costs $2 to make, it's not like DMP is making huge profits per book. Maybe $3-$4 per book, and this can't be far off, considering we're only working with a $13 start point. If DMP has a print-run of 10,000 books and it sells out, DMP makes $40,000 on a book. From that profit must come salaries, rent for space, and all the operating costs, plus the cost of making new books.

And, of course, no book sells out right away; DMP isn't given an easy pot of $40k with which to work. Instead, it has to juggle the sales of hundreds of books while developing scores more at the same time, all on a very narrow profit margin with as few staff as possible.

Anyway, this is a huge simplification, but I hope it will help people understand the costs of publishing a little better. ^_^
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby ChibiKami » Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:30 am

After some off-topic posts in this topic (that I've specifically removed due to their non-relevance to the question asked).
No, we're currently not going to be reprinting After I Win. Black Sun is still available and in print-it may be a little hard to find. My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor is sold out-you may be able to find a copy in circulation, but we don't have any plans to reprint just yet. The Sky Over My Spectacles should also still be available through retailers.
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby fairygirl » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:42 pm

If it's any help, I saw a few copies of "Sky Over My Spectacles" in a Toronto manga store just this past weekend. If anyone really, really wants this book and can't find it closer to their home, perhaps I can provide you more information regarding this store and you could contact them directly.
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby nycmango » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:08 pm

I got a reply from today and this is what they told me regarding Sky Over My Spectacles "the publisher has taken it out of production"

I was forced to ask the retailer why they labeled the book unavailable since I wasn't getting any answers from 801 media staff and their forums are filled with spam right now.

As for Black Sun, many online retailers I shop at has this title as back-ordered; however, it's been several months since the status changed so I just assumed it was out of print as well. I'll keep myself updated to see if I can still get a copy.

As a side note regarding After I Win published by June and My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor published by 801 media, I really don't understand why these books in particular are out of print. I've seen books with a publication date way before these two and they are still in print and circulating retailers stores. I also don't believe that the demand for these books are slim because in the manga community both artist are very popular. I know for a fact that they are popular because I'm very active in the Japanese Boy's Love community and usually the same popular artist in Japan are also popular in America thus English publishers usually use this as a deciding factor to pick up certain licenses/books to publish.

And another question: is it true that 801 media has "one large print run" and doesn't print the title again after the first run is depleted? Because this is really upsetting news to me since I just recent started to buy English published books whereas my previous venture was to import these books from Japan.

Thanks for the information!
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby mo2468 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:16 pm

I believe I have heard from others (probably not from DMP themselves, though, so I cannot verify the accuracy of this information) that back a few years DMP was printing more copies of each book they produced, and that their print runs have become smaller as the market became more unstable. That's why you might be seeing older titles still in stock and newer ones going out of print so much more quickly.
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby sawwie-chan » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:25 pm

@nycmango - don't take the reply from the Rightstuf to heart. There are times that they will just give you any excuse but the right one. A few years back they mysteriously cancelled my order of 'Black Knight v2' - which they had a copy on hold for me. I emailed them and that's the exact response I received. So I emailed BLU who refuted their claim!

I looked at my local online bookstore where I've found some OOP (or almost OOP) DMP manga. They have Black sun in stock - but its not in the US.
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Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby Ruby_Alexandrine » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:38 pm

Robert's Anime Corner has the following mangas in stock yet their prices are not as competitive as or Right Stuf. The links below are to the website if you want to place an order:

After I Win

Black Sun - Please be aware that the Anime Corner store doubled its price for this manga because the status is discontinued.

I do shop at Robert's from time to time only when the other online stores such as Right Stuf,, Akadot Retail, do not have a particular manga in stock. All of the yaoi mangas under the Adult Manga section at Robert's Anime Corner. Just disregard their silly disclaimer - This Manga Contains Extremely Graphic Sexual Situations! If you want to take your chances, there is always Ebay. I see some of those titles listed from time to time.

Re: After I Win Reprint?

Postby nycmango » Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:13 pm

Regarding the doubling of price for out of print books ... I don't think it's fair that I have to spend $40-200 dollars just to buy a book the company decided not to reprint. It's really the companies lost either way I see it since they don't make money off others selling their books at double or triple the price.

I can always get the Japanese original for less than $9 rather then pay extra just because the book is an out of print English version. I would feel ripped off if I did pay the extra cost knowing that the book only cost $12.95 originally.

Thanks again for the help ... I don't have high hopes for a repirnt of "after I win" and "my paranoid next door neighbor" all I really wanted was to know was which book is still in print and which is not.
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