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Re: International Orders, Query & Suggestion

Postby GRAZ71 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:26 am

urgh... I may be calmer but I'm still angry to not be able to get my mangas. and well, It may come out of nowhere and I may be taken for an unreasonable crazy person but it was boiling and I am fed up with the no information and stuff and I really don't regret my rant as I don't expect any answer and as far as I know the lack of information is just "normal". they are also dealing with professional adults and giving information is the least they could do. I only know I am right and I know I express some people feelings who dare not say anything and just wait like I am obliged to do as we don't have a say in the matter. and I hate that kind of politic "just deal with it, that's it".

What pisses me off is that I am not talking about rare books that were released 3, 5 or 10 years ago, no I am talking about 1 to 6 months ago which is unbelievable! Instead of taking our time to decide to order or even wait some time to have the money to do it, now everything has to be rushed by fear there are not books anymore. What pisses me off again is that (and I know other people who do the same thing), I have to order right from the states which costs me my head instead of waiting for french amazon to have the expected books... but still by the time has its stock it's already gone... even when I pre order. do they give any information about publishing the books again, don't they see the awful skyrocketing prices on amazon? no, no, no, just deal with it and if you have the money then buy your manga at 30 to 50 dollars, after all that's the law of the market right? and what makes me angry is that they have stocks at akadot but buying there is like being taken hostage like "you have no choice, take it or leave it"!

and as for censorship I may not be uptodate because I don't compare all the mangas with the japanese one's so I retrieve the remark I said.

anyway thanks for your answer^^

ps : thanks for the tip
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Re: International Orders, Query & Suggestion

Postby anime_earth » Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:01 pm

hi graz71,

i know how you feel as i was in the same predicement as you.

what i would suggest is to check here or akadot retail for the latest releases as akadot has the first hand on all dmp mangas. the other distributors will have the mangas later ie maybe a month's time.

as for myself, these days, i get my mangas from or as shipping is free.

hope this helps.

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Re: International Orders, Query & Suggestion

Postby Thewayne » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:49 am

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