My VH:D manga vol. 5 review! (NO SPOILERS!)

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My VH:D manga vol. 5 review! (NO SPOILERS!)

Postby ragnarocker » Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:15 pm

Since people tend to have a near coronary when it comes to spoilers, I will not review any specific portion of the story.

I have really enjoyed the Vampire Hunter D manga series thus far and volume 5 does not disappoint. The story is great, (it follows "The Stuff of Dreams" pretty closely) and Takaki has really stepped up the clarity and definition in her artwork, putting out some of her best work of the series. Everything feels really vast and expansive, compared to some earlier scenes which felt cluttered and a bit claustrophobic, or action scenes that were simply too hard to follow.
I am a huge fan of the "Afterwords" section of this series, and this one is my favorite so far. This time around, Takaki gives a walk-through from start to finish of how she adapts the novel into manga format. I have to think this is partially a sly attempt to ask for patience from the rabid fans (such as myself) who go berzerk when the book misses street date. Aside from that, it does an excellent job shedding light on the HUGE amount of work that goes into this series and the toll it most certainly takes on her. Keep in mind that artistically speaking, it's one-woman project from start to finish.
The cover for issue 6 is featured in the Ads section of the book, simply stating "2011". I look forward to it!

My only complaint is that I long for the lavish covers of volumes 1 and 2, featuring the glossy logo and colored page-edges, I know that costs must be cut especially in the state of the economy right now, so I can overlook it.

Seriously. If you are a fan of the series, go pick it up from Akadot, as they seem to be the only place currently offering it.

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