Mobile Application / UX Developer

Digital Manga, Inc. is seeking a mobile application (iPhone or Android) and user experience developer to join our IT and development team.  The candidate must be proficient with the full development process of the specified mobile development platform with at least one publicly-available application, and have solid user experience (UX) design skills.

The candidate will spearhead Digital Manga's mobile application development, will be responsible for the full development lifecycle of mobile applications on the specified platform, and will also be responsible for production of UX elements for various sites using Flash and JavaScript.

Required Experience:

  • 4+ years software development experience
  • 1+ years development experience using the specified application platform (iPhone and/or Android) and relevant SDK, including native code
  • 1+ years experience with Flash / ActionScript and JavaScript, with or without a JS framework
  • Strong OO design, testing, and debugging skills
  • Understanding of web service integration via SOAP, XML-RPC, or similar using an open source production stack (mobile application will need to pull content from the web)
  • Knowledge of charsets / i18n
  • Familiar with agile development methodologies
  • Able to learn new technologies as required to fulfill project objectives
  • Excellent communication, organization, and problem-solving skills

Desired Experience

  • Familiarity with digital distribution methods (ipub format, content distribution networks, etc.)
  • Knowledge of XML generation and parsing
  • Experience with Hg, SVN, or other SCM systems
  • Cross-platform experience; comfortable on Windows, Linux, and Mac, including command-line.
  • Experience with automated builds and testing
  • Regex
  • PHP

---Here are samples of the websites that App development would need to be based off of.



Tezuka Kickstarter