A Bloody Kiss Tonight
Makoto Tateno (Author)
  • Alt. Title: Koyoi Wa Kimi To Chi No Kiss O
  • ISBN-13: 9781569701706
  • ISBN-10: 1569701709
  • Imprint: DokiDoki
  • Type: Single Volume
  • Format: Softcover, Black & White
  • Size: 5.125" x 7.1875"
  • Pages: 200 (approx.)
  • SRP: $12.95
  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2010
  • Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Yaoi
While delivering flowers for his part-time job, Riku finds himself at a strange mansion inhabited by three beautiful (and otherworldly) young men. Though he escapes with his life, Riku is soon plagued by vicious nightmares: visions of cold fingers stroking his body, and kisses so deadly that he might be devoured whole! Does the beautiful-yet-demonic master of the mansion hold the secret to this strange turn of events?