ZE Vol. 6
Yuki Shimizu (Author)
  • Alt. Title: ZE Vol. 6
  • ISBN-13: 9781934129371
  • ISBN-10: 1934129372
  • Imprint: 801 Media
  • Type: Series
  • Format: Softcover, Black & White w/ Color
  • Size: 5.125" x 7.1875"
  • SRP: $15.95
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2011
  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi
This volume finishes the story of Ryuusei and Moriya from book five. Youji gets attacked on his way home and Ryuusei blames himself. He becomes depressed and non-responsive to Moriya, who believes the only way to save him is to leave. After healing everyone, Moriya goes to Waki to turn back into haksuhi, only to be interrupted by Ryuusei, who finally decides to be Moriya’s master. The pair’s relationship improves dramatically afterwards. The book also has a chapter about Raizou and Kon’s adventures in domestic bliss. The pair are living together after Kotoha destroyed Waki’s mansion from the previous volume. Raizou is overprotective of Kon, who is quickly growing tired of being useless. Raizou thinks that Kon’s unhappiness stems from him being unsatisfactory in bed. The two easily overcome their problem and are once again lovey-dovey. Finally, the book ends with a story about Konoe and Kotoha. Konoe wonders about his relationship with Kotoha and compares his feelings with what he sees in Raizou and Kon.