Yellow Vol. 3
Makoto Tateno (Author)
  • Alt. Title: Yellow Vol. 3
  • ISBN-13: 9781569709153
  • ISBN-10: 1569709157
  • Imprint: Juné
  • Type: Series
  • Format: Softcover, Black & White (plus dust jacket)
  • Size: 5.875" x 8.25"
  • Pages: 184 (approx.)
  • SRP: $12.95
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2006
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Yaoi
A routine drug bust is all in a day’s work for Taki and Goh. When a dead doctor turns up at the scene of the crime, these veteran “snatcher” partners are suddenly forced to follow a twisting trail of clues (and a mysterious dog) for the answers. While bullets fly, Goh’s fierce desires also seek their target in Taki’s heart! The clock is ticking, and a criminal must be caught...but will Goh ever truly catch Taki’s eye?