The Selfish Demon King
Kyoko Wakatsuki (Author), Naduki Koujima (Illustrator)
  • Alt. Title: Wagamama Go-man Maou-sama!?
  • ISBN-13: 9781569701324
  • ISBN-10: 1569701326
  • Imprint: Juné
  • Type: Single Volume
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Size: 4.3" x 6.8"
  • Pages: 200 (approx.)
  • SRP: $10.95
  • Release Date: Feb 16, 2010
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
Shizuku is an adorable and spunky high school student, but even he doesn’t know the secret he’s hiding. When Shizuku comes home from school one day, he’s met by a stunningly beautiful man. This paragon of exquisite beauty, Doga, tells Shizuku that the Shizuku’s true nature is that of a sexual mage. Doga is actually the king of the magical realm and that once every hundred years, right at the cusp of mating season, he has to take a sexual mage as his lover… What is Shizuku to do?!