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February 6, 2015

Our most surprising ‘Alabaster’ tier: F-Laser!

Limited to only 30, our “F-Laser” backer tier runs for $110+ and includes two grab bag items on top of all the great stuff we’ve packed into the “I See You!” tier in our Kickstarter campaign to publish Alabaster vol.1-2 in English. This special grab bag tier is named after the device that causes so much trouble in both volumes of Alabaster, the laser gun that the protagonist discovers with the help of a scientist inmate who claims to have created it. Without the F-Laser, it’s pretty evident that Alabaster is a story that could’ve ended before it really began.

Because of the F-Laser’s nature, it creates some interesting-looking animals when they are put under its beam—if anything is left to see at all! In the spirit of surprise, we’re highlighting the F-Laser tier, which includes two randomly-chosen items for each backer! Of course, each backer will receive:


February 4, 2015

New Rewards Tier Added: YaoiCon 2015 Bundle – VIP Style

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New Rewards Tier Added: YaoiCon 2015 Bundle – VIP Style v(。・ω・。)♪

Kickstarter Link:

Hello everyone!! :D So, we’re back again with another brand new tier! This tier is for all our lovely international backers or anyone in general who aren’t able to make it to YaoiCon 2015 but still want to experience some YaoiCon VIP treatment. We know it’s expensive to attend YaoiCon from out of state so we hope this can help bring some of the YaoiCon love to you guys instead. ^_^

Some of the must have perks in this tier includes;

  • VIP badge swag bag (Bag of goodies that comes with VIP badge. Last year’s came with a YaoiCon tumblr/shotglass/very nice fabric bag, and more!)
  • Collector’s item – YaoiCon 2015 VIP Badge (We will mail you the badge. Please remember, this badge doesn’t give you access to YaoiCon 2015, it’s just a memento)
  • Variety of YaoiCon merchandise (Mascot stickers/pens/posters/etc.)
  • ** GOH signed book (Max of 1 per pledge)** <– YOU NEED THIS! * ^ *
  • June Event VIP swag box (The “VIP” only swag box that we’re giving away during the June event!)

More perks are included so check out the update posts for more information! 

February 3, 2015

What’s a “digital companion”?

One of our backers asked in the campaign‘s first days, “What is a ‘digital companion’, anyway? What’s in it that makes it more expensive than the two digital volumes [of Alabaster] alone?”

What a great question! Since we’ve had several Kickstarter campaigns and we’re immersed in the lingo all the time at the office, we here at DMI sometimes forget to slow down enough to explain our recurring rewards to new backers who don’t always have the time to go back to our previous campaigns’ pages. (more…)

February 2, 2015

New Rewards Tier Added: VIP Trip to YaoiCon!! (+Airfare)

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New Rewards Tier Added: VIP Trip to YaoiCon!ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

Hello again everyone!! ~ We’re back again to introduce a modified version of the original Trip to YaoiCon, which is the “VIP Trip to YaoiConversion 2.0 that includes airfare!! We were able to secure 5 YaoiCon 2015 VIP all weekend badges for this tier, as well as a whole hotel block solely for this kickstarter campaign for the whole weekend from Sept. 17th – 20th, 2015 (Day 0 – Day 3)! :D

What this tier offers/special perks that are included!

  • A YaoiCon 2015 VIP all weekend badge 
  • A hotel reservation from September 17th – 20th, 2015 (Day 0 – Day 4) 
  • Round-trip airfare for anyone flying from Canada/Mexico/within the United States
  • Whole Series of Finder Volumes 1 – 7 (You’re welcome to substitute/add-on titles)
  • Access to June VIP Kickstarter Event (VIP members get a “specialized” goodie bag ;D)
  • More special perks to be added? Maybe with GOH? Just maybe! ^_^ 
  • An exclusive chance to get a GOH shikishi?? (Maybe, we’re working on it! ~)
  • We’ll most definitely be adding more special perks as we get closer to YaoiCon!

For more detailed information;

Smashing through the $25,000 milestone mark!!

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Kickstarter Link:

Super thanks to everyone who’ve pledged & helped support thus far! <3 We’re officially at $25,840 and at 57% funded with 13 days to go! We can totally make it guys, please help push just a little more and we’ll get to that 100% goal in no time! ^______^

P.S. I’ll be making a new tier for YaoiCon exclusive items for people who aren’t able to attend Yaoi-Con for all our lovely international ‪yaoi‬ supporters, this will be for you guys! Stay tuned for more info. ~

January 31, 2015

‘Alabaster’ lands Kickstarter Staff Pick on its first day!

KickstarterStaffPick‘Alabaster’ has been chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick! Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far! We really appreciate all the great comments and suggestions you’ve given us. On the campaign’s very first day, someone at Kickstarter chose it as a Staff Pick! (We don’t know who that person at KS is, but thank you!)

It’s great to know that other people have as much passion for Tezuka’s work as we do. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sending out several updates to the campaign, and we hope you will spread the word and get your friends to pledge, too!


January 29, 2015

Alabaster Kickstarter

Digital Manga Inc. Starts the New Year With a Bang: Alabaster to be Crowd Funded


(GARDENA, CA) It’s a whole new year, and to start off 2015, Digital Manga Inc. (DMI) is excited to announce their next World Tezuka campaign with the much anticipated title, Alabaster. The series is darker than Tezuka’s usual fare, and with a total of 2 volumes, the series is set to release on September 2015.


James Block was once a famous athlete, but one day when he confesses his love to the actress he dated at the time, she insults him for his appearance, infuriating him. In a burst of rage, he lunges for her but is then arrested for assault. (more…)

January 28, 2015

New Rewards: Substituting/Adding on other in-stock yaoi books!

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Follow-Up Update to the last post about “New Rewards: Substituting/Adding on other in-stock yaoi books!” (ノ≧▽≦)ノ”

Here’s the list of in-stock yaoi titles from Akadot’s inventory. We’ve also added some titles that are not listed on Akadot! You can check it out here;

The list will be updated on a daily basis so please check back regularly if you’re still deciding on what books to substitute/add-on. Please keep in mind that RED TITLES = LOW STOCK and any titles in BLUE (Not List on Akadot) = Are ALL LOW STOCK. If you want a low stock title, please message me ASAP (as soon as possible) so that we can hold it for you. Remember, it’s 1st come 1st served, titles will be given out according to the order of requests.

Again, you can let us know what titles you want through Kickstarter, June Facebook, June Twitter.

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