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November 21, 2013

Black Friday Sale

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BLACKOUT SALE: Why get great savings on just one day of the week, when you can have an entire week of savings?! DinoByte’s blacking out the entire week of November 26th to December 2nd with 20% ALL TITLES. Just select your desired purchases, enter in our special promo code: BLACKOUT, and get 20% off your entire purchase! And as a big thank you for all your support, you can use the promotion code as many times as you want. Hentai, Yaoi, Shonen, Harlequin, Novels; we’ve got something for everyone!

November 19, 2013

** New eManga reader features!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ **

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At eManga, we’re always trying to make things better for you, the readers. Here are a few niffy upgrades we’ve added to the eManga reader to make your reading experience easily and better.
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New Shortcuts: Move your mouse over each command button and the keyboard shortcut will appear. (For example, to Zoom In the page you’re reading, hit the “Z” key.)

Page Number: Keep track of what page you’re on so you can easily return to where you left off.

Viewable Thumbnails:  
Click on our thumbnail icon to easily preview all the pages. 

Thumbnail Page Number:
Move your mouse over the thumbnail you want, and its page number will instantly appear. 


page slider

Page Slider: Click on the view-able thumbnail bar, now attached with a handy page slider that goes left and right to easily find the pages you want.



Help Button: Move your mouse over the help icon, and a mini window will pop up with all the new keyboard shortcuts.

November 14, 2013

Weekly Digital Round Up + Autumn Sale – 25% Off Selected Titles

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autumn sale-newsletter

 Brrrr-! It’s getting nippy! ((((゜д゜;)))) Curl up inside to warm up with some creamy, hot chocolate, a thick blanket, and one of eManga’s most heartwarming titles. Starting November 15th to November 20th, get 25%off select titles!! Forbidden love affairs, sparks of a first love, a dark past; we’ve got all the tear jerkers and heartwrenching stories that will provide you with warm fuzzy feels to help you through those cold winter days. (。。)

- 15 Discounted Titles -

1.  Love And A Sin by Mayu Taumi

2. Endless Comfort by Sakura Sakuya

3. Full Bloom Vol. 1 by Rio, Saori Mieno

4. I Give To You by Maki Ebishi

5. A Convenient Man by Yuiji Aniya

6. Seven Days: Friday-Sunday by Rihito Takarai

7. 37°C – Thirty Seven Degrees Celsius (Novel) by Akeno Kitahata, Rio Sugihara

8. Eternal Love (Novel) by Mizumi Takaoka, Yukariko Jissohji

9. Love Water (Novel) by Tooko Miyagi, Venio Tachibana

10. Vulgar Darling by Takeshi Ohmi

11. Mature Diaries by Takeshi Ohmi

12. Mature Minds by Takeshi Ohmi

13. Amber by Night by Mayu Takayama, Sharon Sala

14. Angus’s Lost Lady by Kazuko Fujita, Marie Ferrarella

15. The Seduction Bid by Amanda Browning, Kazuko Fujita

** Now for our digital releases for this week:

BRAVE 10 Vol. 1: It is a time of great unrest. A lone ninja wandering in search of his life’s path unexpectedly finds his destiny when he crosses paths with a shrine maiden escaping a terrible fire that was intended to kill everyone at her temple. Together they find they are part of a much larger purpose, as fate brings them into the fold of warlord Sanada Yukimura who is gathering ten of the bravest he can find. Ten who will not only bring him victory, but become the stuff of legends. Kairi Shimotsuki brings an exciting tale of action and intrigue based upon the Edo era legend of the Sanada Ten Braves.
Her and Her Uniform: They say ladies love a man in uniform…but what if you like it the other way around? Introducing Her and Her Uniform, stories about working women and the men who make love to them. You’ll be tempted by these titillating tales which features steamy sex scenes with girls in your favorite uniforms.

I Want To Hear Your Voice: The worst possible thing imaginable has happened to rock star Reito Ooba: His wonderful singing voice has become scratchy and unusable. While admitted to a hospital for treatment, Reito meets Kouya, who has been struck mute due to his tragic past. After the two become close, Reito peeks into Kouya’s window one night and discovers that Kouya is hiding something scandalous and twisted.Also included are three short stories where characters lose, find, or silence their voices in order to find happiness.
Wife In Short Shorts: What would you do to satisfy your sweetheart? That’s the question being asked in Wife in Short Shorts. Kazu and Mayu have been together since high school. With Kazu’s birthday coming up, he’s hoping to relive their high school romance! For his birthday wish, he asks his wife to wear her P.E. uniform for the entire day. But when he sees her in her tight, sexy gym shorts it’s not long before the two are getting hot and heavy.
Power Play!: Sadaharu is a 30-year-old would be game designer whose world is turned upside down when the characters from his latest hentai game start coming to life! What’s more, they all think he’s the great Incubus King Shadahr. What’s a man to do when you have beautiful buxom babes trying to kill you? Is he really the Incubus King or is something more at play?
An Innocent Relationship Vol. 2: To take a quick look at him, no one would consider 25 year old office worker Tadashi Kimijima to be a sex symbol. But as luck would have it, Tadashi has somehow won the attention of his incredibly sexy boss, Kana Akashi. Tadashi knows he’s the luckiest guy in the world, but can’t keep his pants buttoned long enough to enjoy his great fortune. Temptation is all around him, such as his naive coworker Makoto Momoyama and the sexy lingerie bar hostess Sonoko Shido. Will Tadashi be able to make his relationship work with Kana, or will his constant cheating land him with no one?

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