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October 31, 2012

A Sweet Treat For Our Fujoshi Fans!

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Happy Halloween, DMI fans! A few months ago the scariest thing for lovers of all things bishonen and debauched was not being able to download the hottest DMG titles to their Kindle or Apple devices — thank goodness those dark days are gone, now that we offer DRM free PDFs from WOWIO! Read on to see our selection of delicious treats, sure to delight any yaoi fan! (And hey, if you’re looking for inspiration for a dirty NaNoWriMo scene…well, these can help with that too!)

Don’t know how to get PDFs onto your Kindle? Check out your options here!


October 26, 2012

The Weekly Digital Round-Up: And We’re Back!

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We know. We know. You people are voracious digital manga readers, and you’ve needed something fresh for a while! Never fear, we’re bringing you a whole selection of new books to tide you over until the new eManga site goes live. Hang in there, and enjoy all the yaoi, shojo, and fantasy we have to offer this week. It’s famine to feast, true, but at least it’s not the other way around, right?

The Garden Where the Ivy Pant Grows PDF | Nook | Kindle
A Taste of Honey PDF | Nook | Kindle
Spider PDF | Nook | Kindle
Fever PDF | Nook | Kindle
Snow and Kisses PDF | Nook | Kindle
Sleeping Next to You PDF | Nook | Kindle
Her Witch PDF | Nook | Kindle
Planet Ladder, vol. 3 PDF | Nook

And new on eManga:
An Angel’s Temptation
I Want a Love Story
Merry Men
Moonlight Kreuz
Sona-G Series, vol. 1: Heaven is Not Needed
Vector In Love
Weekend of Dreams

October 18, 2012

New Books Abound!: Velvet Kiss vol. 2, The Hentai Prince, and more!

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It’s always exciting to come in to work and see boxes upon boxes of new books waiting to be sent out to fans! This week we’ve got a bit of something for everyone, from shojo fans, to hentai lovers, to all of you who were eagerly waiting for the release of The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat! Read on to see what we’ve got to offer you, all for sale now on Akadot Retail! (more…)

Meet the Mangaka: Uki Ogasawara!

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As many of you know, Uki Ogasawara of Black Sun fame was our esteemed guest at this year’s Yaoi-Con! Ogasawara-sensei graciously did an interview for her fans – if you couldn’t join us this past weekend for Yaoi-Con, now’s your chance to hear a bit about Uki Ogasawara and her amazing work! (more…)

October 16, 2012

Yaoi-Con 2012: That’s a Wrap! (and a NEW BOOK announcement!)

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Maybe you heard it enough at con, maybe not- either way, we’d like to extend our deepest, most yaoi-filled thanks to all of Yaoi-Con 2012’s guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, and (most importantly) attendees. As many of you know, it was our first year hosting the event in sunny Long Beach (sunny except for that sudden downpour on Thursday before con – yikes!) and through the blood, sweat, and tears of that first time experience, we were thrilled to see so many yaoi fans able to share their enthusiasm amongst one another and enjoy themselves in such a unique environment. Yaoi fans: you make this what it is, and it’ll never cease to amaze us. Everyone, right up to our esteemed Guest of Honor, Ogasawara-sensei, was moved by your warmth and enthusiasm. Thank you for a fantastic convention and here’s to an even more thrilling 2013!

We had announcement upon exciting announcement this Yaoi-Con, and for those of you who couldn’t join us for those, here’s the lowdown:


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