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July 13, 2012

The Weekly Digital Round-Up!

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The hustle of convention season slowly becomes a very tired, sweaty memory, and now we’re back to your regularly scheduled digital releases! This week we’ve got seven titles for you guys, including one full color book, one shojo manga, and several rather dirty yaoi books. Enjoy!

Steamy Weekend Yaoi, vol. 3

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Sometimes Amazon can’t handle some yaoi. The good stuff, might we point out, the hot stuff that gets down and dirty..! So here’s the newest “Too Hot For Kindle” titles, available on Nook and coming soon to! Click on the book title to jump to the Nook bookstore! Not enough dirty yaoi for you? Check out the other “Too Hot For Kindle” titles here and here!

Imprisoned Beauty by Shin Mizukami
In the year 20XX, Colonel Irving of the Army of Allied Nations captures by chance an enemy commander – Lieutenant Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Army. One look into Yamamoto’s dark, mysterious eyes and Irving is suddenly intrigued by his Far East beauty. To gain crucial information, Yamamoto is tortured and humiliated by his captor, but it isn’t long before Irving’s interest in his prisoner takes an unlikely turn. Can Irving and Yamamoto, who by fate were destined to become rivals, find a way to break through their barriers? When war is made to make enemies of men, sometimes love is the only thing worth winning. [localized by JanKenPon]

Hide and Seek by Reibun Ike
Takeru doesn’t need to have his day spoiled by his enemy, Wanigawara, but spoiled it is. Now they’re both trapped in a crowded alleyway facing one another, with their bodies in close contact. Jin, a rising star in the wrestling world, catches the attention of a wealthy businessman named Tsukamoto. Nao does everything he can to grab hold Masaya’s attention.

For every couple there are moments when a partner can get taken, and taken pretty hard. Hide And Seek is one of these titles. Including the title story, Hide And Seek is a collection of ten heat inducing titles, bound to satisfy readers. [localized by Alexis Uzuki, Linda Yau, and Corinna G. Cornett]

Sailor Men by Sakira
In the title story of Sailor Men, Maki is best friends with Kana, but he never thought of him in any other way. Until one night, Kana dresses up in a sailor uniform to entertain everyone. Suddenly, Maki finds he has feelings that he doesn’t quite know what to do with. And Maki’s just one of several young men falling in love and lust in the hot romances told within Sailor Men. [localized by Boy Passion]

Tie Me Up With Your Love by Asia Watanabe
Mugi and his bondage-loving boyfriend Satomi have been together for a long time, but what’s going to happen now that Mugi’s mom is set on having a grandkid? Worse, why doesn’t Satomi seem to even care about the possibility of Mugi getting married? S&M has never been so sugar-sweet! [localized by PotentLove]

Wild Boyfriend by Sakira
Tough guy Ran thought Keitatsu was shy and vulnerable as he longed for him from afar. Then, when a brutal act brings them together, Ran discovers that he’s the one in need of a rescue and Keitatsu is more than he or anyone else can handle! Sakira’s long awaited debut collection features hot couples in the wildest first encounters ever! [localized by L.W. Hubbard, D.L. Warner, and Hentai Tenshi]

I Can Feel Your Hand by Asahi Shima
Without reason or warning, Tsukiori finds himself kidnapped by gangbangers after school. Blindfolded, tied up, and helpless against his attackers, Tsukiori’s heart soars to hear someone break down the gym’s storage room door. He thinks he’s been rescued as the mysterious figure single-handedly fights off the gang. However, when the silent stranger approaches Tsukiori and puts his hands on him rather than untying him, Tsukiori quickly realizes he’s now just at the mercy of the man who saved him. The hands feel familiar, and it’s all Tsukiori can do to comfort himself to hope they’re the hands of a certain someone… [localized by Jun Kayama, Myrrh Deren, and Veronica]

And Love by Jiro Akiba
It wasn’t his soft heart or caring attitude that earned Takumi Yajima the nickname of “the Demon Captain”. Just one look from this no-nonsense archer sends girls fleeing from the scene! Love is as foreign to him as a kind word, until the day he catches Kazuki, a member of the soccer team, spying on him during practice. Kazuki begins to break through Takumi’s stern exterior, stirring up unfamiliar emotions. Takumi’s thrown off balance until he finally comes to terms with his feelings. Has Kazuki finally made it possible for the Demon Captain to feel love? And Love features eight one shots that include childhood friends and newlyweds who come to terms with their feelings, despite their own misgivings. They’ll soon realize that love can transcend boundaries and prove it can be found in the most unlikely situations. [localized by JanKenPon]

July 10, 2012

AX 2012: New Licenses and Thanks For All the Fish!

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We’d like to extend a big thank-you to everyone who braved the heat and the X-Games this past 4th of July weekend in order to swing on by the Akadot and Yaoi-con booths at Anime Expo! We had a fantastic time with each and every one of you, and we hope to see you at conventions in the future!

We made a number of exciting license announcements during AX – if you missed them during the con, you can grab all the information here, after the jump: (more…)

July 5, 2012

One More Tezuka Goal: TRITON OF THE SEA!

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triton logoWe had a creeping feeling you guys would propel Unico and Atomcat to Kickstarter victory while we were at Anime Expo, and sure enough we had to buckle down during the convention and announce the next stretch goal for our Kickstarter: Triton of the Sea!

Triton Preview

Originally published in the Sankei Shinbun from 1969 to 1971, Triton of the Sea is the sci-fi adventure tale of Triton, a young boy who was discovered abandoned as an infant by the seaside. With him comes disaster – a tsunami hits the seaside home of his adoptive family, and they’re forced to move to Tokyo to eek out a living. As Triton grows, he becomes a skilled swimmer and learns that there’s more to him than meets the eye. In reality, Triton is an Atlantean who escaped the lost continent’s destruction at the hands of Poseidon. With a dolphin named Luka at his side, Triton sets off on a journey to avenge his family and his homeland.

A coming-of-age tale set again the background of an epic adventure, Triton of the Sea is acclaimed for its thrilling art and action as well as its moral and environmental themes. With cautionary messages about human prejudice and our fragile world, Triton blends a touching family tale with a global battle for the soul of the sea!

If the Kickstarter reaches $47,000, we’ll be able to bring both volumes (over 400  pages per volume!) to bookshelves everywhere! Anyone who’s pledged $50 in the campaign so far will automatically receive vol. 1 of Triton when we reach this goal, and anyone who’s pledged over $100 will automatically receive both volumes of Triton! Just want to pledge for the books? You can do that too! Check out our handy rewards table to figure out what you’ll get with each pledge level, then head over to the Kickstarter page to make your pledge!

Go Triton go!

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