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June 4, 2012

Pop Japan Trvael: Run the Gourmet Course!

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For the triumphant return of Pop Japan Travel tours, we’re proud to bring you all something triumphantly delicious: The Gourmet Course! Add it on to your basic Alpha + Omega tour package and we’ll cover the food bills for you, all while taking you on a tour de taste of the best Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka have to offer. Want a sampling of what the Gourmet Course has to offer? Click on to see the delicious food porn we have to offer!


Meet the Mangaka: Hinako Takanaga

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We’re pretty sure most fujoshi know about The Tyrant Falls in Love, the story of love-stricken Morinaga and his angry, no-homo senpai Souichi. It was a great honor to get the chance to ask Tyrant creator Hinako Takanaga a few questions to celebrate the recent release of vol. 6 of her series! Check out her shout-out to all of her English-speaking fans! (more…)

June 1, 2012

The Weekly Digital Round-Up!

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Steamy Weekend Yaoi, vol. 2

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Welcome to another edition of Steamy Weekend Yaoi, where we bring fans the best titles that are just too hot for Amazon to handle. Luckily the B&N Nook is here to make sure you don’t miss them! Pick up one of our new “Too Hot For Kindle” titles if you’re looking for some exciting weekend reading! These titles will be coming to soon! Click on the the book title to jump right on over to the Nook Book marketplace!

Piece of Love x Love Sickness by Kita Matose
Includes six one-shots: a “wife” and a naughty salesman; high school sweethearts lucky in love; an innocent salesman and his wicked client; two men who can’t fit the pieces together; a jilted student and a teacher with a crazy fetish; and a teenager caught up in fate’s fickle hand. [localized by SHONEN WIFE]

BLT Burning Love Twin by Jun Uzuki
Nozomu is on a secret mission! After convincing his identical twin brother, Saku, to switch places for a day, Nozomu goes to his brother’s school and confronts his enemy in the classroom! Meanwhile, Saku must memorize everything about his brother’s school life and classmates so he can fit in without drawing attention to himself. Everything appears to be going alright, until Nozomu’s close friend, Yoji Osawa, starts making some more than friendly gestures toward Saku! Afraid of blowing his cover, Saku goes along with it… What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this manga by Jun Uzuki. [localized by TTG]

Isn’t It Tempting? by Koreaki Kamuro
Having just broken up with his boyfriend, Haruhiko stays with a bartender he’s had a crush on by telling him he can “think of him as a pet”! At first he’s a bit hesitant, but then Jin teases him by washing him in the shower, since he is a “pet”. But those touches drive Haruhiko crazy and he begs Jin to have sex with him, only to have him say, “Who would have sex with a pet”! Why is he so cold?!
A new collection from Koreaki Kamuro featuring sweet love stories between cute stubborn boys and dashing young men. [localized by Four-Leaf Clover]

Looking for even more TOO HOT FOR KINDLE titles? Hop on over to the first edition of Steamy Weekend Yaoi!

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