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April 13, 2012

Yaoi-Con 2012 Registration and Hotel Block Goes Live!


You guys wanted it, you guys waited for it, and now the moment is here! Digital Manga and Yaoi-Con are pleased to announce that the Yaoi-Con 2012 website is now LIVE. This year’s Yaoi-Con will be held from October 12th to the 14th at the Westin in Long Beach California. Right next to dining, shopping, the Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the beautiful Californian seaside, we’re excited to be able to hold Yaoi-Con in such a beautiful location. Rooms in the Yaoi Con convention block start at $129 + tax a night, and can be booked at the convention website now!


Attendees registering before May 31st will qualify for the Early Bird registration rate of $45. Attendees registering between June 1st and September 8th will get the pre-reg price of $55. At-con badges will be $65.

April 11, 2012

801 and DokiDoki Get New Licenses

We’re proud to announce the long-awaited continuation of two of our series: Kaori Monchi’s Hey! Class President, volumes 4 and 5 and Youka Nitta’s Otodama: Voice from the Dead, volume 2. These books will be released in print at a later date, so whether you’re into supernatural detectives who can talk to the dead, or high school love stories, you’ve got something to look forward to!

April 9, 2012

Launch of New Hentai Publisher and Online Retail Store: Project-H, LLC. and

Gardena, CA (April 9, 2012)
– Presenting Project-H, LLC. and the launch of the new PROJECT-H (ECCHI) website,

About Project-H, LLC.

Previously a special publishing imprint of Digital Manga, Inc., as of March 8, 2012, Project-H is now an independent entity that specializes in the localization and publication of sexually explicit Japanese comics depicting heterosexual relationships, known as Hentai manga. Project-H debuted in 2011 with three titles: Riosuke Yasui’s Shocking Pink!, Hiroshi Itaba’s Three P, and Kuon Michiyoshi’s embrace & bloom. In 2012, the publishing house plans to expand its library with the addition of Mitohi Matsumoto’s My Cute Crossdresser (June 2012), Chihiro Harumi’s Velvet Kiss Vol. 1 (June 2012), Ponkotsu-Works’ Colorful Harvest (July 2012), Ponkotsu-Works’ An Ideal Day to Fall in Love (August 2012), Enoki Tomoyuki’s With a Dictionary and No Skirt (September 2012), Youko Ohnami’s My Good Boy (September 2012), among other exciting titles. Looking forward, Project-H plans to bring much more Hentai manga to English-speaking fans in both print and digital formats.


To better serve Project-H customers, a news and e-commerce website is now live at In addition to Project-H books and up-to-the-minute news on Project-H licenses and releases, the new store offers Japanese manga, magazines, photo books, art books, English-language DVD’s, and other Hentai-related merchandise, all of which are rated 18+.

Learn more after the break!


April 6, 2012

The Weekly Digital Round-Up!

Win Manga on Monday, April 9th

This is Mallow the Twitter Contest Lion, and next Monday (April 9th), we’re giving away all the pieces of his manga throne to our twitter followers! Want to win? Here’s how:

On Monday, starting at 11AM PST, we’ll be posting pictures every half hour to our twitter account. The first person to email preview[AT] and identify the item in the picture wins a prize! It’s not as easy as it sounds….we had our employees draw the pictures with their left hands.

We’ve got books, points, and book SETS to give away, so follow @digitalmanga on twitter and prepare for giveaway madness on Monday!

PS: To give everyone a chance, you can only win ONCE. :) Thanks!

April 5, 2012

Ritsu Natsumizu’s Good Morning @ Akadot

Good Morning is now available at Akadot Retail!

Get it Here!

April 3, 2012

The Digital Manga Guild Bookshelf!

The Digital Manga Guild and its fabulous members have a lot of awesome yaoi titles to offer fujoshi – what better way to decide which one looks the best for YOU than by looking at ALL OF THEM all in one spot?

You can do just that by clicking “Read more”! (more…)

Join the Yaoi-Con 2012 Mailing List!

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Want up to the minute Yaoi-Con updates via email? Sign up for the Yaoi-Con mailing list!

For those of you who were on the mailing list for previous years, you’ll have to sign up again since we transferred the list to another system. It should take only a moment of your time.

For those of you waiting on information: Hang tight! Your patience is appreciated, and we’ll be able to announce more details shortly.

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