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March 30, 2012

The Weekly Digital Round Up!

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Books Too Hot for Kindle to Handle: Don’t Miss Out!

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Amazon continues to be painfully baffling about their censorship policies,  but don’t let that get in the way of reading all the best yaoi that Digital Manga Guild has to offer. Here are the DMG titles that are “too hot for kindle”, and where you can snag yourself a copy!

eManga | Nook eManga | Nook Nook

March 29, 2012

(PR) East and West Join Forces: Digital Manga and Papyless Partner to Distribute Manga Digitally

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Gardena, CA | Tokyo, Japan
Digital Manga, Inc. one of the North American industry’s most unique, independent manga publishers, and Papyless Co, LTD., one of Japan’s largest, publicly traded online bookstores, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership to make digitally distributed manga more accessible than ever before. No stranger to the world of digital distribution, Papyless has been providing fans with a quick, easy way to buy manga online with the launch of their international Renta! Site. However, their Japanese-only selection of over 125,000 titles remained out of the reach of English speaking fans. Now the combination of Papyless’ catalogue and the localization prowess of DMI stands poised to bring thousands of new books to the hands of eager, tech-savvy manga enthusiasts across the globe.

The final, English-language books will be available on a number of platforms: Paypless’ Renta! Site, DMI’s platform, and a number of e-book readers such as the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to pick up and enjoy a volume of your favorite manga with the click of a button. The collaboration plans to begin releases with titles from Comic Cyutt, a young women’s magazine co-published digitally by Media Factory and Papyless. Anticipated titles include Nyan Café e Youkoso, Card Master, Change Sanjou, Nanairo no Enbukyoku, Pandora Restaurant!, Seiwa Gakuen Bentoubu!, Spirital Danshi, and Warui Koto. Additional titles will be announced in the months following the release of the Comic Cyutt titles.

Nyan Café e Youkoso

Nanairo no Enbukyoku

Warui Koto

Card Master

About Digital Manga, Inc.
Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga, Inc. is one of the industry’s most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the West – specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for North America’s mainstream and niche markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the spread of Japanese pop culture institutions into the global arena. For more information about Digital Manga, Inc. visit

About Papyless Co. Ltd.
An internationally traded company, Papyless is one of Japan’s largest online book distributors. Founded in
November 1995, their e-pub services provide access to a catalogue of over 125,000 Japanese language books, manga, and magazines. For more information about Papyless, visit

March 23, 2012

DMG Titles: A Reading List for Fans, By Fans

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In the eternal hunt for a good manga to read, it’s always great to get suggestions from fellow fans. The other day we asked Twitter and Facebook to recommend a few good DMG titles, and here were their suggestions!:

@sophiluz suggested: The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe, Rainy Day Love, Sunday’s Child, and Tired Of Waiting for Love

@COM801 loved: Ata, You & Tonight, These Are The Hungry, Oh and a Bowl of Moxa is Coming, Flower Shadow’s Memory, The Reason Why He Loves Him So Much, Tired Of Waiting for Love, A Truthful Picture

@2old4yaoi’s pick was You & Tonight as well!

@mbeasi recommends You & Tonight and Climb on My Shoulders

@meichells put in a good word for Kids Are Doing Fine Today, Tweeting Love Birds, Nazuna Sensei and Kanda Kun, Overdrive, Interval — then added she loves all of the DMG titles!

@Naname_DMG said Climb onto my Shoulders was my biggest surprise

@kokiden said “I think Kaoru-kun has had the most impact on me so far”

Staff member @myamallow couldn’t say enough good things about Son of the Mimura Family (and its 2nd and 3rd books, Clumsy Child and Newborn Star), Curve, and Nazuna Sensei and Kanda Kun

Get reading, fellow fujoshi! ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪ and follow us on twitter at @digitalmanga for all the action! And don’t forget you can grab all these books for the Nook and Kindle, too!

The Weekly Digital Round-Up!

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Vampire Hunter D. on iVerse’s Comics+ App!

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Gardena, CA (March 19, 2012) – Digital Manga Publishing, one of the manga industry’s most unique and creative publishers is proud to announce the partnership with iVerse Media, LLC, to digitally release their flagship manga title Vampire Hunter D to the Comics+ storefront for the iOS. iVerse Media, LLC is a digital content distributor that’s quickly emerging as an one of the leading innovators and leaders in the mobile publishing field specializing in digital comic books for mobile platforms. The first five volumes of the series will be available with more to follow in the in the coming months.

Launched in 2007 by Digital Manga Publishing, Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D manga adapts the well renowned novel series, which was originally release over 20 years ago. Kikuchi’s post-apocalyptic vision of the distant future mixes gothic horror, science fiction and romance with classic Western; while up and coming manga artist, Saiko Takaki’s surreal illustrated adaptation complements his vision where humanity is ruled by vampires and tormented by a host of creatures including demons, werewolves and mutants, as well as half-human, half-vampire ‘dhampirs’.

“The Vampire Hunter D series is a great property that’ll appeal to all fans around the world, so that’s why Digital Manga is making an effort to expand and distribute this property to as many platforms as possible.”— Fred Lui, VP-Publishing of Digital Manga.

Through this partnership Digital Manga Publishing will be releasing more of their acclaimed titles through the Comics+ storefront. All volumes of Vampire Hunter D will be available on the Comics+ platform for $9.99

Download the Comic+ app now!

March 22, 2012

NEW! Replica vol. 2 Now Available on Akadot!

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9781569702611An infamous bodyguard, a mysterious organization with unbelievable abilities, and an evil inventor poised to take over the world with his legions of toys: THIS. IS. REPLICA! The long-awaited 2nd volume has arrived at Akadot for March Manga Madness!

Get it HERE

Haven’t picked up the series yet? Fans of shonen series like Soul Eater or D.Gray-man will like the twisted, Halloween-esque aesthetics and the shonen action, this blogger guarantees it. (psst, fujoshi: the boys are lovely) If you want a preview of the first volume, you can take a look here at eManga!

Itazura na Kiss in FULL COLOR

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image003Shoujo manga fans, your day has come! Right now on we’ve got Itazura na Kiss, and it’s in full color! Right now you can grab volume 1 here for 899 points (that’s $8.99 for those of you unfamiliar with the points system) and enjoy Kaoru Tada’s shoujo hit in shiny, sparkling color!

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