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January 30, 2012

Makoto Tateno and Tomo Maeda @ MangaNEXT!

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Our friends at MangaNEXT have announced two new guests of honorMakoto Tateno, the prolific author of manga like Yellow and Steal Moon, and Tomo Maeda the author of Beyond My Touch. If you’re in New Jersey between February 24th and 26th, stop by for a chance to meet with these amazing artists!

January 27, 2012

Even MORE Digital Releases!

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We’re on a roll this week! A BIG thank you to all of our DMG Localizers who made many of these releases possible! Give them your support and pick up a DMG book today! <3

All the Time
eManga | Kindle | Nook

Entangled Circumstances
eManga | Kindle | Nook

Kaoru Kun
Kindle | Nook

A Liar in Love
Kindle | Nook

An Even More Beautiful Lie
Kindle | Nook

Long Version, vol. 1

Kindle | Nook

Yaoi Books All Bundled Up~

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Nee, shitteiru? (Hey, did you know?) Akadot likes to package up yaoi books all nice and neat and discount them for our readers! (♡´∀`♡)Don’t miss out on the deals~

Black Sun vol. 1 & 2 Bundle

Mr. Tiger & Mr. Wolf vol 1 & 2

Yaoi Novel Bundle

I Can’t Stop Loving You, vol 1 & 2 (Japanese)

January 26, 2012

All the New Releases..! All of Them!

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We’ve got a whole boatload of new digital releases for you guys today! How much is a boatload? Well, read on to see and be amazed!


Have Our DMG Line-Up At Your Fingertips!

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Starting today you can browse our full selection of Digital Manga Guild titles on our Facebook! Don’t forget to stop by our wall and give us a hello, or like our page for all the latest updates!

Go to the DMG Bookshelf!

January 23, 2012

ANIME CEL ART 101: Boundary Lines

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Materials to prepare:

※ Color Pens (preferably 2 colors or more)


Draw lines, onto the traced illustration (clean copy), which will specify shadows and act as borders for separating areas of different tones/colors. Lines in cluttered areas can be identified with much more ease by utilizing multiple pens with varying colors.

Back log of past tutorials: Brief Intro / Series Launch / Tools 1 / Tools 2 / Rough Draft / Clean Copy

Next up is introducing your original creation to the world of color! Bring your drawing to life & let your imagination go wild!!

Great Place High School Student Council Vol. 4 On Sale!

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Great Place High School vol. 6Here at DMP, we work hard to bring you the best of yaoi manga every day. And look, here’s another book for you guys, Great Place High School Student Council vol. 4, which is a mouthful but a delightful yaoi mouthful! Get your copy today at Akadot Retail!

January 20, 2012

Comic Attack Does Crimson Cross

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Crimson CrossComic Attack’s Kristin has just graced us with a super in-depth review of Digital Manga Publishing’s vampire one shot, Crimson Cross! Watch out for a few spoilers, this review doesn’t hesitate to give you a blow by blow of this decidedly un-Twilight book. Pick it up when you get a chance, you won’t regret it.

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