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September 30, 2010

Classics of Yaoi!

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We’re getting back to the oldies, but goodies today at Digital Manga.

The first volume of Kizuna was released in 1994 in Japan, and it has remained one of the most popular yaoi manga titles since then. It is also available as an anime released in three OVAs.

We now present Kizuna, the Deluxe Edition for fans to enjoy this classic once again. Oh, and one more important thing- it packs 2 volumes into one!


September 27, 2010

New Yaoi books every week!

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New Yaoi books every week! Yay!

Seven Days, as many fans may already know, was a big hit in Japan. Especially the second volume, which was so popular that it sold out in only 3 weeks and claimed the number 5 spot on the 2010 YAOI manga ranking. If you haven’t read it, grab yourself a copy now!  The beautiful illustrations and story will definitely indulge your fancy and leave you dying to know what happen on Friday to Sunday!


September 15, 2010

Feeling uncool? Here are some cool new Yaoi releases!

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More new yaoi release this week!

First is COOL/UNCOOL.  This is the first time we published Kai Asou’s works, her illustration is so gentle and will make you feel warm inside. The original story is written by Arika Kuga, who also wrote Fevered Kiss. They have cooperated several times, and we believe the reason for that is this combination always turns out beautifully.


September 14, 2010

Which DMP books made you cry?

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Thank you everyone for participating in DMP’s Twitter contest and congratulations to the chosen winners!  I just wanted to share some the interesting answers from yesterday’s contest: “Which DMP book made you cry?”:

I would have to say Jazz, volume 3, when Naoki collapses and Narusawa makes the decision to leave their relationship but to still take care of and be close to Naoki. Actually the whole storyline of the four volumes just makes me cry sometimes! There are so many trials in their relationship that you just crave the happy ending that much more. :)

One DMP manga that made me cry was Passion volume 1, because the way they said goodbye in the classroom was so sad. Of course, the truth did come out almost right after so….


September 13, 2010

DMP new books releases

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We have the beautiful but dark “Crimson Cross” and “Tale of a White Night.”

Crimson Cross

Karl is a holy vampire hunter from an infamous Van Helsing family…who’s been turned into a vampire himself. Though the evil Elliot now knows the taste of his mortal blood, Karl has somehow retained the faintest sliver of his humanity. How long will Karl’s tortured soul continue to waver between shadow and light? And are he and Elliot doomed to try to destroy one another…for eternity?
*Kyoko Negishi (Author), Sakae Maeda (Original Story)


September 9, 2010

New Yaoi releases for every kind of fan!

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We had a lot of new yaoi books released this week!

First is the Tyrant who Falls in Love by Hinako Takanaga. We believe this is another manga that almost every yaoi fan is looking forward to read. And don’t forget we invited this mangaka as our special guest to the Yaoi Con this year!

Tyrant who Falls in Love – Juné

University study Tetsuhiro Morinaga has been in love with his homophobic, violent and tyrannical sempai Souichi Tatsumi for more than four years now. Even though he’s told Tatsumi how he feels and even managed to steal a kiss, expecting anything more seems like nothing more than the stuff of dreams… That is until the long-oppressed Morinaga gets his biggest chance ever. Might his unendingly unrequited love finally be returned?


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