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April 28, 2009

More YouTube channels!

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Those of you visiting our YouTube channels for our manga previews may have noticed a recent change – to better organize the videos, we’ve created additional channels for our DokiDoki and 801 Media imprints.


April 21, 2009

DMP at Los Angeles Comic Books and Sci Fi Convention

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Hey Los Angeles locals! If you happen to be in town this weekend, on Sunday, April 26th, we’ll be at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles (right next to USC) for the Los Angeles Comic Books and Sci Fi Convention! The show is from 10am to 5pm, and admission is only $8.00.


New DokiDoki pre-order giveaways!

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The newest DokiDoki giveaways are here! The next two titles in the DokiDoki inaugural line are Living For Tomorrow by Taishi Zaou, and Brilliant Blue Vol. 1 by Saemi Yorita!  Each order of these two great books comes with a signed fukuseigenga, as seen below!


April 14, 2009

Vampire Hunter D On Your iPhone!

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Fans of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D have a new way to enjoy the series: on their iPhones! Digital Manga Publishing has teamed up with Uclick to bring the manga to the Apple App Store, available now!


April 8, 2009

Vampire Hunter D 3 has arrived!

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The release of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3 is still about a month away, but a few advance copies have already reached our office. How did they turn out?


DokiDoki Raffle Winners!

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Thank you to all of the fans who bought a copy of Princess Princess Plus or Train Train Vol. 1! DokiDoki is off to a great start! As we mentioned before, we raffled off some prizes to those who pre-ordered early. Congratulations to all the winners!


April 6, 2009

New Digital Manga Forums Open!

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Some of you may have already noticed when you visited the new DMP Books website, but in case you didn’t, here’s the news: we have started the process of merging all of our various forums under one common set of forums, and the new system has already gone live.


April 2, 2009

New Titles from DMP: Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Yashakiden and Taimashin

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We are proud to officially announce two more titles for our DMP imprint, both by Vampire Hunter D author Hideyuki Kikuchi! Later this year, we will release the first volumes of Yashakiden: The Demon Princess and Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist. Read on for the full press release:


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