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March 16, 2009

DokiDoki books are in! Plus, more free stuff and a drawing

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An early shipment of the DokiDoki books has arrived! You can now get Princess Princess Plus and Train Train Vol. 1 directly from us! In addition to the fukuseigenga that we’re giving away, we also have a few more bonuses for those who order DokiDoki titles from us. Those who have already placed an order will get these extras too.


DokiDoki’s First Promo Items!

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We’ve just received the promotional items for the first two DokiDoki titles: Mikiyo Tsuda’s Princess Princess Plus and Eiki Eiki’s Train Train Vol. 1! If you read the press release, you already know that the items are “fukuseigenga,” or large prints of pages from the manga. Here’s what they look like:


March 12, 2009

801-chan Contest Winners!

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Our 801 Media imprint recently ran a contest for ideas for the 801-chan strips that appear in our books. And now, the winners have been announced!


March 2, 2009

Previews On YouTube

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Juné now has a YouTube channel! We’ve been gradually putting up some video previews of our newer Juné and 801 titles, for those who want more than just the sample pages here on our websites.


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