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August 9, 2012

The DMG Bookshelf: Now in Delicious PDF Form!

Our Digital Manga Guild Members have been hard at work bringing you the very best in digitally distributed manga — check out the fruits of their stunning labor: over 100 titles to sink your manga-loving claws into! These titles are available on, Nook, Kindle, and most excitingly, through WOWIO as DRM-free, downloadable PDFs. DMG books are now more accessible and portable than ever! Grab a few if you haven’t already, it’ll be well worth your time! (more…)

June 18, 2012

Experience Japanese Eclecticism with Pop Japan Travel!

Just saying that if you miss out on Pop Japan Travel’s “Alpha + Omega All Japan Tour”, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the off the beaten path, “only in Japan” experiences you could have with us! Curious to hear at they are?


June 4, 2012

Pop Japan Trvael: Run the Gourmet Course!

For the triumphant return of Pop Japan Travel tours, we’re proud to bring you all something triumphantly delicious: The Gourmet Course! Add it on to your basic Alpha + Omega tour package and we’ll cover the food bills for you, all while taking you on a tour de taste of the best Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka have to offer. Want a sampling of what the Gourmet Course has to offer? Click on to see the delicious food porn we have to offer!


May 11, 2012

Pop Japan Travel Returns With the All-Japan Alpha+Omega Tour, August 29 to September 7


One year ago, Pop Japan Travel went on hiatus due to the tragedy that occurred in Japan’s Tohoku region. Fans and staff alike have been eagerly waiting for the return of the tours, and thanks to the hard work of our staff and the support of our fans, Pop Japan Travel is proud to announce a triumphant return with the All-Japan Alpha + Omega Tour! The Alpha + Omega tour will be our most adventurous excursion ever, featuring a taste of Japan for every palate. We’ll be visiting an anime studio, meeting Japanese manga artists and learning about their creative process, going on an intimate tour of Shibuya’s famous 109 department store, sitting in the audience of a Japanese television store, and shopping the streets of Akihabara, Nakano, Harajuku, and more!

And that’s just Tokyo: after that, for the first time, Pop Japan Travel will be taking all tour participants to Kyoto and Osaka for a taste of Japan’s southern flair. Walk the streets of historic Kyoto, discover the spiritual roots of modern manga at the Osamu Tezuka museum, and taste the delicious street food on Osaka’s lively Dotonburi. If you’re looking to experience Japan outside of Tokyo, now’s your chance!

Want to taste the very best of Japanese cuisine? For this tour, Pop Japan Travel will be introducing the Gourmet Course! For the first time, PJT will include the option to buy meals with the tour group. We’ll serve you up everything from staples like sushi and ramen to exotic regional cuisines and well-kept secrets.

Pop Japan Travel invites you to experience all this and more! Mark your calendars, the Alpha+Omega Tour is scheduled for August 29th to September 7th! The tour’s land-only price starts at $2,490, and offers further customization (such as breakfast at the famous Tsukiji Market, an anime song karaoke night, or a pub crawl in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighborhood) to ensure our tour participants get the precise Japan vacation they’ve dreamed of.

April 30, 2012

PJT Returns – With Tour Dates!

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After over a year on hiatus, the original pop Japan tour provider is back! And we’re celebrating with our most far-reaching, adventurous tour ever! Our return tour will include something for everyone: anime and manga fans, street fashion addicts, Japanese TV and music lovers and, of course, gourmets with a taste for “washoku!”

Here are a few of the things we’ve got planned:

  • MANGA:

    Meet manga artists for an intimate look at their process, and if you’re an artist yourself, you can even sell your work at our booth at Comitia! We’ll even head to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, to see how the modern medium got its start.


    Hear how Tokyo’s innovative fashion scene came to be with tours of Shibuya 109, La Foret and other big sights from local experts, then work with our professional photographer to produce your own version of Japan’s influential street fashion magazines.

  • ANIME:

    Yes, there’s the Ghibli Museum and Akihabara – and you can bet we’re going there – but PJT goes deeper, with a visit to a working anime studio and the chance to meet some of anime’s all-time greatest artists.


    See Japan’s theatrical culture from every angle, with a show by the world-famous all-women Takarazuka troupe, a taste of traditional stagecraft in Osaka and a late-night burlesque that blends equal parts kabuki and Vegas.

  • FOOD:

    For the first time, PJT will include the option to buy meals with the tour group. We’ll serve you up everything from staples like sushi and ramen to exotic regional cuisines and well-kept secrets.


    Enjoy an interactive private tour of Kyoto, one of the world’s great ancient cities, including a hands-on calligraphy experience in an authentic Gion teahouse, a picturesque outdoor feast over the Kamo River and temples nearly as old as the imperial line itself, set against some of the nation’s most elegant and beautiful wooded vistas.

Yes, all of these things will happen on the same tour. We want to celebrate with the ultimate Japan experience!

So mark your calendars! PJT’s triumphant return begins Aug. 29-Sept. 7!

April 6, 2012

Win Manga on Monday, April 9th

This is Mallow the Twitter Contest Lion, and next Monday (April 9th), we’re giving away all the pieces of his manga throne to our twitter followers! Want to win? Here’s how:

On Monday, starting at 11AM PST, we’ll be posting pictures every half hour to our twitter account. The first person to email preview[AT] and identify the item in the picture wins a prize! It’s not as easy as it sounds….we had our employees draw the pictures with their left hands.

We’ve got books, points, and book SETS to give away, so follow @digitalmanga on twitter and prepare for giveaway madness on Monday!

PS: To give everyone a chance, you can only win ONCE. :) Thanks!

February 3, 2012

Digital Releases For the Week: Happy Yaoi Weekend!

Read on for all our new books!

February 1, 2012

Gentlemen’s Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf

Gentlemen’s Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf by Shinano Oumi is available now, exclusively at Akadot and Yaoi Club!

Get your copy now!

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