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January 22, 2016

Digital Manga Inc.’s Hentai Imprint, Project-H Announces 5 New Titles

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Gardena, CA (January 22, 2016)

Digital Manga Inc. (DMI)’s adult hentai imprint, Project-H is proud to announce some exotic and completely uncensored titles added into the catalog. These titles are very different from our recent releases. We acquired an adult title that is strictly focused on yuri smut, another comes from the artist himself, and last a hentai that features a variety of fetishes. Our newly announced titles varies for print and digital formats. Some are strictly for digital only.

“For a while now, we only released ‘vanilla’ hentai for the longest so now we have decided to add more varieties into the catalog to cater to the fans that wanted more than just vanilla and heterosexual relationships. We will also be releasing doujinshi (fan-made indie comics) for print, something that we have not published before!”

Each of these titles will be individually released starting in early spring to late 2016.

Our first set of doujinshi acquisitions:

Welcome to Mizuryuland! by Kei Mizuryu
Japanese Title: Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land
Release Date Digital: TBA
Release Date Print: TBA
MSRP: $13.95 (Print), $8.95 (Digital)
Type: 3 Volume Doujinshi
Censorship: UNCENSORED

Take a trip to Mizuryuland where you can be happy, sexy, and… promiscuous.

Welcome to Mizuryuland! is a 3 volume mini-series doujinshi. It takes on the parody of “Disneyland” but with adultery themes.

Tags: Ahegao, Oppai, Exhibitionist, Stockings, Swinging

MC Academy by Kei Mizuryu
Japanese Title: MC Gakuen
Release Date Digital: TBA
Release Date Print: TBA
MSRP: $13.95 (Print), $8.95 (Digital)
Type: 6 Volumes, 1 Full-color Volume Doujinshi
Censorship: UNCENSORED

Here at MC Academy, we teach you to be honorable prestigious students. But be prepared when the school bell rings, it holds a secret to ecstasy.

MC Academy is a 6 volume mini-series doujinshi and also has a full-color volume.

Tags: Ahegao, Mind Control, Mind Break, Sex Toys

Crude Eden by Ri-ru-
Japanese Title: Furachi na Rakuen
Release Date: TBA
MSRP: $9.95
Digital Only
Type: Single Volume Doujinshi
Censorship: UNCENSORED

Steamy girl x girl actions with a dash of awwws. Features 10 short stories of delicious yuri.

Ri-ru- is a self-published artist who has produced works in yaoi, yuri, and heterosexual hentai.

Tags: Oppai, Yuri, Collection of Short Stories/One-Shots, Cunnilingus, Megane, Femdom, Stockings

Our newly acquired titles from our Japanese partner, Issuisya.

Trembling Lips by Inu
Japanese Title: Furueru Kuchibiru
Release Date: June 2016
MSRP: $19.95
Type: Single Volume
Censorship: UNCENSORED

High school teacher, Kurosawa falls in love with his truant student, Kon. The two embark on an affair and neither can bring themselves to break it off. Kon finds that she’s no longer content with keeping their relationship hidden in the shadows and sets up a seductive bet that if she wins, then Kurosawa has to take her out on a date.

Anthology featuring 3 more story arcs: A student and teacher who are inseparable, a brother with an eye-patch cat-eared wearing sister demanding her hymen, and a member of the Film Society Club is attracted to the new member.

Comes from the same author responsible for the hit manga, “A Stange Kind of Woman.”

Tags: Group, NTR, Condom, X-Ray, Incest, Pettanko, Student(F) and Teacher(M), Collection of Short Stories/One-Shots, Defloration, Force

Girl’s Shock!! by Inu
Japanese Title: Girl’s Shock!!
Release Date: November 2016
MSRP: $19.95
Type: Single Volume
Censorship: UNCENSORED

Features 9 short stories. Characters from ‘Trembling Lips’ return to conclude their stories.

Comes from the same author responsible for the hit manga, “A Stange Kind of Woman.”

Tags: Megane, Collection of Short Stories/One-Shots, Incest, Stockings, Pettanko, Student(F) and Teacher(M), Anal

About Issuisya
Established in 1954. Other companies they’re under are Kousai Comics and MediaX. They publish a variety of genres catering to older male and female audiences including yaoi, hentai, and cross-dressing. Their magazine publications include Comic Mate L, Comic JSCK and Izumi Comics.

About Project-H, LLC.
Established in 2011 under Digital Manga Inc.’s hentai imprint, “Project-H” was born. With an ever increasing and dedicated fan base, Project-H continues to bridge the gap between Japan and the West by boldly licensing, localizing, and distributing Japanese hentai manga in English to audiences everywhere.


1487 West 178th Street, Suite 301, Gardena, CA 90248 |

October 26, 2015

Wonder 3 – the final 3 days! Please support!

We’re down to the last 72 hours of our Wonder 3 campaign and we have quite a hurdle to reach if we want to see this great three-book series published in English (in hardcover!). If you haven’t already let your friends and family know about this great Tezuka title, now’s the time!

Remember, you can pledge as little as $70 to get ALL THREE hardcovers in the “Shinichi Hoshi” pledge tier. We also still have several limited tiers open for pledges.

  • Black Jack at $151 (just THREE left!)
  • Go on a picnic! at $174 (limited to ONE!)
  • Leo/Kimba #2 at $218 (limited to TWO!)

We need 262 more backers at the $70 tier in the next three days to make this happen, and I know we can do it… That means that if you, our current backers, convinced just ONE person each to pledge for the “Shinichi Hoshi” tier, we’d make the goal with some $$ to spare. Let’s get a move on!

Thanks for sticking with us on this amazing journey. Ganbaru! -VED

October 15, 2015

Wonder 3 Kickstarter campaign- New, limited edition TIERS!!!


Yesterday, we added 6 high-end tiers for discerning Tezuka fans,  including one with the very, VERY rare “Goast Man” Japanese language hardcover (two now already gone). A couple include the ever popular Jungle Emperor Leo (or, you may know him as Kimba the White Lion!), and a couple more include the irrepressible characters from Black Jack.

Our indomitable production team is in the process of putting together images for you to peruse at your leisure, and I will upload those to the main page as soon as I have them, but for now I wanted to let you get a jump start on pledging for these great items. (I will send another update when I have the images up.) Plus, all the following tiers come with the Wonder 3 three-volume set in both digital AND hardcover formats.

Make sure to check out the tiers themselves before you pledge so that you know exactly what you’re pledging for!


August 3, 2015

Digital Manga Warehouse Summer Sizzler Sale


Aug 6th – 8th , Thurs & Fri & Sat.
Come to our annual Digital Manga Warehouse Summer Sizzler Sale, where we will have clearance of hundreds of titles from our popular imprints: DMP, DMP Platinum, June, 801 Media, and Project-H… as well as select import items!

This year, we are holding our summer clearance sale for 3 days!!! From Aug 6th – 8th , Thurs & Fri & Sat. We’ll have plenty of free promotions, raffles for high valued prizes, giveaways, and snacks…

This’ll be your chance to start your summer collection, stock up gifts, or complete your series at dirt cheap prices!! Prices start as low as $3 for many items! If you missed out on any of this season’s conventions, then come to this! Free parking, Free admission, Free swag!

Aug 6th Thurs: 11am-5pm
Aug 7th Fri: 11am-5pm
Aug 8th Sat: 10am-2pm

Digital Manga Office
1487 W.178th Street, 3rdFloor
Gardena, CA 90248

Enter into the gated parking lot of the tan business buildings… Digital Manga is the middle building on the top 3rd floor, suite 300…enter the lobby come up to the third floor via elevator. Follow the signs!


July 15, 2015

eManga Novel Sales and Tezuka Kickstarter news

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30% off on all novels on eManga!

Want something to read this weekend? Check out eManga this weekend and take 30% off all novels! This sale starts July 15th and lasts through July 20th!


Less than a day left in our latest Tezuka kickstarter!

So far at the time of writing this we have hit our initial goal along with stretch goal 1 and 1.5! Just a bit more and we will be able to publish and print Crime and Punishment for the first time!

June 17, 2015

Digital Manga, Inc. to publish Osamu Tezuka’s shojo manga, Storm Fairy


With successful Kickstarter campaigns like Captain KenLugwig BAlabaster, and the recent Clockwork Apple, Digital Manga isn’t slowing down their Kickstarter train to publish “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka titles, and their next project is a shojo (girl’s) title called Storm Fairy. This manga is a collection of three short stories with the first being the longest at the length of half the book, and the other two make up the rest. Their new standard will have the book printed in high-quality off-set white paper, and is scheduled to be released in October, 2015. The Kickstarter campaign is planned to start June 16th, and will run for 30 days.

May 8, 2015


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Tel. (310) 817-8010
May 7, 2015


Friday [July 3rd, 2015] 10AM-10PM PST & Saturday [July 4th, 2015] 10AM-10PM PST Room 510 West Hall
LOS ANGELES, CA, (May 7, 2015)

With overwhelming success of last year’s premiered Hentai Festival at Anime Expo, Project-H is back again for this year’s 2015 “Hentai Festival.” Sponsored by Project-H, (, an imprint of Digital Manga, Inc., Hentai Festival 2015 is an adult (18+) only event, celebrating the manga/anime fandom of Japanese adult comics, otherwise known as hentai manga.

April 22, 2015

Backer Spotlight: First backer but not first timer!

“I’ve come to trust DMP with not only my money, but with Tezuka’s reputation. I know that DMP will do their best to honor him and create a high-quality, wonderfully translated volume at a price that won’t break the bank.”
—Mahlon Landis, Clockwork Apple Kickstarter campaign backer

Mahlon is our very first Clockwork Apple Kickstarter campaign backer, but she’s definitely not a first timer! She hails from Oklahoma and is about to graduate with a degree in Language Arts Education. (Yay! Congratulations, Mahlon!) She loves “reading, writing, baking, ballet dancing, and getting crafty in [her] free time.” Besides her interest in anime and manga, she’s learning to code this year, so if anyone has website or book recommendations for HTML/CSS, Java, or Python lessons, we’re sure she’d be happy to hear them. (About learning to code, she says, “It’s kind of difficult, but it’ll be totally worth it in the end.”) A lady with a long list of favorites, Mahlon has been a fan of anime and manga for almost eleven years, and we’re glad she was willing to answer a few of our questions in what little spare time she has!


Digital Manga, Inc.: What was your first introduction to Osamu Tezuka’s work?

Mahlon Landis: My first job was shelving books at a local library, and one day I stumbled across Tezuka’s Buddha. It looked pretty interesting and different, so I checked it out and zoomed through all of the volumes in the matter of a month. It was moving, gorgeous to look at, and highly entertaining, which is something I’ve come to realize is the norm for Tezuka’s works.

DMI: What keeps you coming back for more?

ML: His ability to create incredibly human tales is amazing to me, and I keep coming back to him because I know I’ll always feel enlightened once I finish one of his books.

DMI: You’re the first backer to support this campaign! What enticed you to pledge so quickly?

ML: This is the fourth Tezuka Kickstarter that I’ve had the privilege of backing, and through all of that I’ve come to trust DMP with not only my money, but with Tezuka’s reputation. I know that DMP will do their best to honor him and create a high-quality, wonderfully translated volume at a price that won’t break the bank (which is important for a poor college kid like myself). I know that DMP will do the job right, and that’s why I jumped the gun and pledged so quickly.

DMI: You’re trying to convince a friend to also support this campaign; what do you tell them?

ML: Hey, you. Yeah, you. Manga is awesome. Tezuka is awesome! Don’t you want an opportunity to bring more Tezuka to the English-speaking world? Maybe want some cool swag, or a chance to get your name in the book? Want to be a part of something AWESOME? Then go pledge today! I promise you won’t regret it. ;)

Currently, Mahlon is reading Kyoko Okazaki’s Helter Skelter and watching Sailor Moon Crystal and Ore Monogatri!! Check out her great list of favorites!

Anime: Princess Tutu and The Twelve Kingdoms
Manga: Naoki Urasawa’s Monster and Tezuka’s Buddha
Movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Book: A Clockwork Orange

Thank you again for your time, Mahlon, and we hope your pledge to Clockwork Apple lives up to your expectations!

If you know someone who might be interested in supporting Digital Manga’s efforts to publish Osamu Tezuka’s work in English, please have them take a look at the campaign page!

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