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The Tyrant Falls in Love, vol. 7 Now Available on Akadot!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Is Morinaga dreaming? Now that he and the ever-stubborn Tatsumi have made their house a home, it looks like they’re finally a legitimate couple! But will a sudden visit from a troublingly familiar face shatter the illusion and throw everything (and everyone) into chaos? The Tyrant Falls in Love pits a research superstar “against” his smitten assistant and watches as they frolic and fight their way through a truly combustible relationship! Every couple encounters a speed bump or two on the road to bliss…but what happens when you can’t stop hitting the brakes?

Buy It Now on Akadot!

The DMG Bookshelf: Now in Delicious PDF Form!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Our Digital Manga Guild Members have been hard at work bringing you the very best in digitally distributed manga — check out the fruits of their stunning labor: over 100 titles to sink your manga-loving claws into! These titles are available on, Nook, Kindle, and most excitingly, through WOWIO as DRM-free, downloadable PDFs. DMG books are now more accessible and portable than ever! Grab a few if you haven’t already, it’ll be well worth your time! (more…)

(PR) Digital Manga rides with Drivethru Comics

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Digital Manga Inc. is proud to officially announce the release of their digital content through DriveThru Comics ( After months of testing digital titles on the DriveThru platform, primarily a US-comic-based digital ebook storefront, Digital Manga’s never-ending expansion on the digital forefront for the US comic market continues.

DriveThru Comics is the first one-stop, on-line download comic shop for new and vintage comic books. They carry titles from over 500 independent publishers, delivered fresh to a customer’s desktop or tablet. DriveThru provides digital files for purchase and download in a variety of formats, such as watermarked PDFs, CBZs, ePubs, and Mobi files, as well as audio, video, and print formats.

Currently DriveThru Comics carries a number of digital titles from Digital Manga’s various imprints, including: DMP, Juné, 801 Media, and Digital Manga Guild. With over 100 titles now available on DriveThru Comics, and more to follow in the coming weeks and months, Digital Manga has all gears revering up to revolutionize your digital library.

Visit and check out Digital Manga’s Publishers page here:

( )

Now Available on Akadot: Private Teacher 3 and Castle Mango!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Castle Mango by Muku Ogura and Narise Konohara • Yorozu lives at Castle Mango, a “love hotel” where couples pay for a few hours to themselves. But his quiet life is violated when Togame arrives to shoot an adult film! Soon Yorozu’s being “mistaken” for an actor, having his pants suddenly removed and watching his little brother get hit on. Togame eventually agrees to stay away from Yorozu’s brother, but there’s a catch – and it’s not something Yorozu’s going to like! Buy it now!

Private Teacher, vol. 3 by Yuu Moegi • Rintaro’s gotten into college, and he’s finally moved in with Kaede. But just when they’re getting ready to enjoy each other’s company a little, Rintaro’s older brother Sentaro blows in, bringing storm clouds with him! The fiery third entry in this passionate yaoi series! Buy it now!

The Weekly Digital Round-Up!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

A huge selection of the latest DMG titles have also been added to our Android App – download it and check it out for the BEST digital quality DMP has to offer! Here’s the full list of new titles….32 in all!

  • Neck Tie, Again Tomorrow
  • Mad Cinderella
  • The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers
  • A Passion of Oranges
  • The Conqueror’s Chalice
  • An Abandoned Cat’s House
  • Betting My Life With You
  • The Boyfriend Next Door
  • These are the Hungry
  • Son Of The Mimura Family
  • Clumsy Child
  • Newborn Star
  • Sunday’s Child
  • Sadistic Boy
  • The World is Full of Cheating Boyfriends
  • Long Version Vol. 2
  • Touch Blue
  • That Cute Kid is Mine and Mine
  • Renji Jumonji’s Hardship
  • Blooming Darling Vol. 2
  • Knight’s Terms
  • Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun
  • Oh, And A Bowl Of Moxa Is Coming
  • Would That Not Be The Case!
  • Want to Depend on You
  • Tweeting Love Birds Vol. 2
  • My Sweet Home
  • Indefinite Sociogram Vol. 1
  • Yuri Sensei Is In A Good Mood Today As Well
  • A Lovely Day With Yuri Sensei
  • Cheap Chase
  • Reset

Yaoi-Con 2012 Registration and Hotel Block Goes Live!

Friday, April 13th, 2012


You guys wanted it, you guys waited for it, and now the moment is here! Digital Manga and Yaoi-Con are pleased to announce that the Yaoi-Con 2012 website is now LIVE. This year’s Yaoi-Con will be held from October 12th to the 14th at the Westin in Long Beach California. Right next to dining, shopping, the Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the beautiful Californian seaside, we’re excited to be able to hold Yaoi-Con in such a beautiful location. Rooms in the Yaoi Con convention block start at $129 + tax a night, and can be booked at the convention website now!


Attendees registering before May 31st will qualify for the Early Bird registration rate of $45. Attendees registering between June 1st and September 8th will get the pre-reg price of $55. At-con badges will be $65.

801 and DokiDoki Get New Licenses

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

We’re proud to announce the long-awaited continuation of two of our series: Kaori Monchi’s Hey! Class President, volumes 4 and 5 and Youka Nitta’s Otodama: Voice from the Dead, volume 2. These books will be released in print at a later date, so whether you’re into supernatural detectives who can talk to the dead, or high school love stories, you’ve got something to look forward to!

Launch of New Hentai Publisher and Online Retail Store: Project-H, LLC. and

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Gardena, CA (April 9, 2012)
– Presenting Project-H, LLC. and the launch of the new PROJECT-H (ECCHI) website,

About Project-H, LLC.

Previously a special publishing imprint of Digital Manga, Inc., as of March 8, 2012, Project-H is now an independent entity that specializes in the localization and publication of sexually explicit Japanese comics depicting heterosexual relationships, known as Hentai manga. Project-H debuted in 2011 with three titles: Riosuke Yasui’s Shocking Pink!, Hiroshi Itaba’s Three P, and Kuon Michiyoshi’s embrace & bloom. In 2012, the publishing house plans to expand its library with the addition of Mitohi Matsumoto’s My Cute Crossdresser (June 2012), Chihiro Harumi’s Velvet Kiss Vol. 1 (June 2012), Ponkotsu-Works’ Colorful Harvest (July 2012), Ponkotsu-Works’ An Ideal Day to Fall in Love (August 2012), Enoki Tomoyuki’s With a Dictionary and No Skirt (September 2012), Youko Ohnami’s My Good Boy (September 2012), among other exciting titles. Looking forward, Project-H plans to bring much more Hentai manga to English-speaking fans in both print and digital formats.


To better serve Project-H customers, a news and e-commerce website is now live at In addition to Project-H books and up-to-the-minute news on Project-H licenses and releases, the new store offers Japanese manga, magazines, photo books, art books, English-language DVD’s, and other Hentai-related merchandise, all of which are rated 18+.

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