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The Tyrant Falls in Love, vol. 7 Now Available on Akadot!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Is Morinaga dreaming? Now that he and the ever-stubborn Tatsumi have made their house a home, it looks like they’re finally a legitimate couple! But will a sudden visit from a troublingly familiar face shatter the illusion and throw everything (and everyone) into chaos? The Tyrant Falls in Love pits a research superstar “against” his smitten assistant and watches as they frolic and fight their way through a truly combustible relationship! Every couple encounters a speed bump or two on the road to bliss…but what happens when you can’t stop hitting the brakes?

Buy It Now on Akadot!

The DMG Bookshelf: Now in Delicious PDF Form!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Our Digital Manga Guild Members have been hard at work bringing you the very best in digitally distributed manga — check out the fruits of their stunning labor: over 100 titles to sink your manga-loving claws into! These titles are available on, Nook, Kindle, and most excitingly, through WOWIO as DRM-free, downloadable PDFs. DMG books are now more accessible and portable than ever! Grab a few if you haven’t already, it’ll be well worth your time! (more…)

(PR) Digital Manga rides with Drivethru Comics

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Digital Manga Inc. is proud to officially announce the release of their digital content through DriveThru Comics ( After months of testing digital titles on the DriveThru platform, primarily a US-comic-based digital ebook storefront, Digital Manga’s never-ending expansion on the digital forefront for the US comic market continues.

DriveThru Comics is the first one-stop, on-line download comic shop for new and vintage comic books. They carry titles from over 500 independent publishers, delivered fresh to a customer’s desktop or tablet. DriveThru provides digital files for purchase and download in a variety of formats, such as watermarked PDFs, CBZs, ePubs, and Mobi files, as well as audio, video, and print formats.

Currently DriveThru Comics carries a number of digital titles from Digital Manga’s various imprints, including: DMP, Juné, 801 Media, and Digital Manga Guild. With over 100 titles now available on DriveThru Comics, and more to follow in the coming weeks and months, Digital Manga has all gears revering up to revolutionize your digital library.

Visit and check out Digital Manga’s Publishers page here:

( )

Kickstarter: Unico, Atomcat, and Triton FUNDED

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Our latest Tezuka Kickstarter came to a close over the weekend, ultimately earning $49,411 from 715 enthusiastic manga fans. The project’s final hours were truly a sight to behold, as manga fans everywhere rallied together to push the campaign over the $47,000 mark we needed to publish Triton of the Sea, vol. 1 and 2. We can’t extend enough thanks to everyone involved in the funding of this ambitious project. Whether you pitched in $5 or $500 or just a tweet to get the word out, you were truly a part of bringing more classic manga to English speaking fans. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy this thank-you from our staff at DMP Platinum! (click for a larger version!):


KICKSTARTER: The Final Countdown: Triton and the Last 30 Hours!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

First and foremost we’d like to extend a huge helping of thanks and gratitude to all of our Kickstarter backers who pledged towards the publications of Unico, Atom Cat, AND Triton of the Sea! The response to this Kickstarter project has been and still is very overwhelming, not just in numbers, but in the love and passion that Tezuka fans have expressed. Really. Honestly. Seriously — you guys have floored all of us here at Digital Manga, and we’ve absorbed extra Tezuka excitement via osmosis from you all.

But, our fight isn’t over yet — as I’m writing this, Unico, Atom Cat, and Triton have 30 hours left on the clock and $7,000 left to raise. You guys have helped us immensely in making a lot of noise to see Triton through to the end, but in the event that our project does not reach its ultimate goal of $47,000, we’ve come up with a plan that will make sure Triton makes it to bookstore shelves one way or another. We just wanted to let all of you know now. So here’s what we’re going to do:

If the current Kickstarter doesn’t make it to $47,000, we’re going to take all the funds that were pledged beyond the amount that we needed for Unico and Atom Cat, and we’re going to apply it towards publishing Triton — right now that means $14,606 will go towards publishing Triton volumes 1 and 2. We’ll launch another Kickstarter project before the end of the year to raise the rest of the funds needed to bring Triton to press. Currently that’s $6,394, but the fight’s not over yet! Of course, if this goes to another Kickstarter, we’ll be introducing bunch of new Triton goodies and surprises to make the new campaign worth your while!

I’m sure at this point, many of you are wondering “but what about the people who already pledged towards Triton?” –No need to worry, anyone who has pledged towards Triton in this Kickstarter will receive exactly what they pledged for, even if they decide not to pledge towards the new Triton campaign. Pledged for Triton, vol. 1? You’ll get it. Same goes for those of you who pledged for both Triton 1 and 2. That’s your money we’re putting towards the book, and we at Digital Manga firmly believe that it’s important that all of you get exactly what you put your money towards.

31 hours left, guys — Go, fight, Triton!

One More Tezuka Goal: TRITON OF THE SEA!

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

triton logoWe had a creeping feeling you guys would propel Unico and Atomcat to Kickstarter victory while we were at Anime Expo, and sure enough we had to buckle down during the convention and announce the next stretch goal for our Kickstarter: Triton of the Sea!

Triton Preview

Originally published in the Sankei Shinbun from 1969 to 1971, Triton of the Sea is the sci-fi adventure tale of Triton, a young boy who was discovered abandoned as an infant by the seaside. With him comes disaster – a tsunami hits the seaside home of his adoptive family, and they’re forced to move to Tokyo to eek out a living. As Triton grows, he becomes a skilled swimmer and learns that there’s more to him than meets the eye. In reality, Triton is an Atlantean who escaped the lost continent’s destruction at the hands of Poseidon. With a dolphin named Luka at his side, Triton sets off on a journey to avenge his family and his homeland.

A coming-of-age tale set again the background of an epic adventure, Triton of the Sea is acclaimed for its thrilling art and action as well as its moral and environmental themes. With cautionary messages about human prejudice and our fragile world, Triton blends a touching family tale with a global battle for the soul of the sea!

If the Kickstarter reaches $47,000, we’ll be able to bring both volumes (over 400  pages per volume!) to bookshelves everywhere! Anyone who’s pledged $50 in the campaign so far will automatically receive vol. 1 of Triton when we reach this goal, and anyone who’s pledged over $100 will automatically receive both volumes of Triton! Just want to pledge for the books? You can do that too! Check out our handy rewards table to figure out what you’ll get with each pledge level, then head over to the Kickstarter page to make your pledge!

Go Triton go!

Unico Goal: GET! Our eternal gratitude is yours!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

In a dazzling five days, we reached our Unico Kickstarter goal of $20,500 – the outpouring of love and support for the little unicorn was touching to see, and all of us here at Digital Manga would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who chipped in to the Kickstarter Campaign. Whether you pledged $1 or $100+, you helped us bring one of Tezuka’s beloved children’s books to the English-speaking world!

As promised, we’ve revealed part two of the Kickstarter: a chance to license yet another children’s manga by Tezuka. While not as well-known as Unico, this title guarantees the same adorable character and the same all-ages appeal:

atomcatlogoTezuka fans, meet ATOM CAT! The troublesome feline pet of an Astroboy fan, one fateful day Atom Cat and his owner are hit by an alien vehicle. In order to rebuild Atom Cat, they scan his owner’s brain and find images of Astroboy – thus, Atom Cat’s body is rebuilt with Astroboy’s powers, and the kitty goes on to become earth’s tiniest hero! We’ve added plenty of new Atom Cat rewards to the Kickstarter campaign, including stickers, a digital companion, and an exclusive Atom Cat shirt, so if you’d like to snag this book on top of Unico, now’s your chance! Atom Cat will be available for retail next year as an A5 trade paperback for $12.95, and clocks in at about 200 pages of adorable manga.


Join Us At Anime Expo 2012!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


Join us at this year’s Los Angeles anime extravaganza — Anime Expo 2012!

For all your import product needs, as well as the latest DMP, June, and Project-H releases and news, drop on by the Akadot booth at space 1330. Our Akadot team’s got some great deals and giveaways in store for the convention, and we’ve got a slew of new licenses to announce, some of them some popular fan requests! Drop on by the booth every day for a new book announcement and a new deal!

If you’re in the market for our full array of yaoi and BL books, drop on by the Moe Moe Paradise booth at space 349 – they’ve got their own set of special convention deals waiting, plus all the doujinshi and other yaoi goods you can shake a stick at! Drop on by to say hi to some of the Yaoi-con staff, stay to grab yourself a healthy fix of BL and yaoi goodness!

For all the latest AX news and live coverage from the convetion, follow Digital Manga on twitter @digitalmanga — see you all there!