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December 1, 2010

It’s a Juné December.

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It’s been a while, but what a way to start off the last month of the year! Five new Juné titles have finally arrived at Yaoi Club, ready to keep you company during this cold, dark winter. Yugi Yamada’s Door series continues in Open the Door To Your Heart, and we’ve got two titles by Rize Shinba. Read on to see what we’ve got waiting for you.

Open the Door to Your Heart – Juné

Yugi Yamada

Shoichi, the oldest Honda brother, is a stiff and serious young man who works as a tax collector. His life isn’t exactly full of surprises…and he definitely never expected his long-gone younger sibling — the globetrotting, sexy Shunji — to show up at his doorstep! Will Shoichi ever erase the memory of the secret, scandalous night that he and Shunji spent in one another’s arms 10 years ago? Or maybe the most important question is…does he even want to?

The Spiral of Sand – Juné

Yuna Aoi

On the very same evening that his little sister and best friend are married, Haruka is assaulted by a mysterious, scarred man who swears vengeance for a past wrong that he claims to have suffered thanks to Haruka’s family! Can Haruka nail down the stranger’s identity in time to save his own skin…or will his hunt for answers send him spiraling into a vortex of pain and suffering?

Temperature Rising – Juné

Souya Himawari

Minori can’t help but be extra-protective of his cute friend Mizumo. After all, Minori’s family raised Mizumo after his selfish parents left he and his siblings to fend for themselves! But when Minori learns that the now-grown Mizumo is secretly sleeping with random men in order to make money, a strange, fiery pain rips through his heart…and the burning simply won’t go away! In order to keep Mizumo all to himself, Minori is willing to surrender his meager paycheck week after week. While it’s true that he can buy Mizumo’s time and his body, will he ever lay claim to his friend’s heart?

Intriguing Secrets – Juné

Rize Shinba

When Mizue and Umehara are thrown in detention together, Umehara isn’t sure what to think of his fellow classmate, the supposed class-clown and troublemaker. Despite Mizue’s shady reputation, the unlikely pair become fast friends and Umehara finds himself fascinated with his new friend in an entirely unfriendly way! Can shy Umehara get past Mizue’s jokester exterior to reveal the truth?

My Bad! - Juné

Rize Shinba

Hiroki, the restless grandson of the landlord, is hugely smitten with one of the apartment tenants, Izumi. His obsession and rapidly escalating “urges” are almost enough to drive him insane. In fact, he probably has gone over the edge already. After all, in the throes of his desire-driven madness, he’s gone and stolen a very “private and intimate” item from Izumi!

Exclusive early releases of new titles are available only at Akadot Retail and Yaoi Club.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Yamada-sensei’s work, so I was wondering if there’s any chance of you all licencing yume wo miru hima no mai (there is even no time to dream) in the near future?

    Comment by mary soto — January 19, 2011 @ 10:27 pm

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