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September 14, 2010

Which DMP books made you cry?

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Thank you everyone for participating in DMP’s Twitter contest and congratulations to the chosen winners!  I just wanted to share some the interesting answers from yesterday’s contest: “Which DMP book made you cry?”:

I would have to say Jazz, volume 3, when Naoki collapses and Narusawa makes the decision to leave their relationship but to still take care of and be close to Naoki. Actually the whole storyline of the four volumes just makes me cry sometimes! There are so many trials in their relationship that you just crave the happy ending that much more. :)

One DMP manga that made me cry was Passion volume 1, because the way they said goodbye in the classroom was so sad. Of course, the truth did come out almost right after so….

Tyrant Falls in Love made me cried a lot, especially when Morinaga thought that Tatsumi didn’t want him anymore and applied to withdraw from the university. I was so sad to see Morinaga’s  dejected face when senpai ordered him to get out of the house.

I found “Manic Love” and “Fake Fur” (part of a 3-book set of which you’ve only published 2…) incredibly moving. The struggles that the protagonists go through to accept themselves and others is very realistic. So few BL books deal with homosexuality directly, and these two are among the best.

The DMP manga that has made me cried was Antique Bakery because it’s such a moving story and I was sad it ended.

Thirsty for Love was a major tear factory!  The book is heart wrenching.  Three guys love the same woman and she dies.  They are all trying to work through their pain, which means using eachother as replacements.  The scene that had me turn into a water works was the last.  They all go to the girls apartment before they move her stuff out and make out on her bed, while smelling her scent.  They all “…used what remained of Yuka’s smell and indulged in fantasies of the passion once shared”.  After reading this book, you not only look horrible after all the tears, but your heart aches for the guys in the book.  Many books have made me tear up, but this book takes the win by far.  I haven’t read it in a long time, but when I read your tweet, I knew what book to write about.  I had to grab it and read it again….~sniffle~…what a story!

The last volume of La Esperanca . . . it felt as if there was a neverending stream of crying  and whenever I see people – even fictional characters – in emotional situations I tend to become upset along with them.   When Georges and his mother are reunited in the hospital my eyes definitely felt prickly. :(

Cut by kawai toko

This story was very touching and brought me to tears because the two characters experience such tragic events in their lives and they didn’t have anyone to confide in which was heartbreaking, but then they found each other to comfort and slowly they began to trust in happiness again which was very sweet.

Well I think most make me cry but lets see…
I remember crying in final volume of La Esperanca when Robert and Alain are looking for Georges in the blizzard and discuss how Georges feels he is just a substitute for Grace and they find him passed out from cold and Robert hugs him  ;_;

Although I didn’t quite cry, when Yuji tears up in “Unbreakable Bones” (in Hey, Sensei?) after Manabu declares his love and acceptance of him it hit me pretty hard.

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  1. For me, it would be Desire by Honami Yukine. The way Ryoji treated Toru in the beginning – wanting to only have physical relationship because he did not believe in love between two guys and the way he kept carrying on with his girlfriend. He was unaware that he was hurting Toru who was so much in love with Ryoji. It is still one of my early June mangas.

    Comment by 2old4yaoi — September 15, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

  2. for me I cried at the end of the bonus story of haru wo daiteita: ‘Fuyu no Semi’

    also the OVAs made me cry everytime I watched it :P

    Comment by DarkestD — September 21, 2010 @ 3:19 am

  3. How can anyone forget “Hybrid Child”? That gotta be the most moving yaoi ever. T_T I cried so bad at the last chapter.
    Also, Jazz is on the list along with many others…..

    Comment by Thuly — September 25, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

  4. Hybrid Child all the way. That is the only manga to ever make me cry. I love this manga, but I can’t reread it. I get emotional and uncomfortable just thinking about it. So sad but true. But I would recommend this manga to anyone in a heart beat. It’s rare to find a story this emotional.

    Comment by Nia — October 4, 2010 @ 1:31 am

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