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September 13, 2010

DMP new books releases

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We have the beautiful but dark “Crimson Cross” and “Tale of a White Night.”

Crimson Cross

Karl is a holy vampire hunter from an infamous Van Helsing family…who’s been turned into a vampire himself. Though the evil Elliot now knows the taste of his mortal blood, Karl has somehow retained the faintest sliver of his humanity. How long will Karl’s tortured soul continue to waver between shadow and light? And are he and Elliot doomed to try to destroy one another…for eternity?
*Kyoko Negishi (Author), Sakae Maeda (Original Story)

Tale of a White Night

In a small quiet village – There is a folk story of a beautiful female demon; nobody knows who she is but the locals calls her “Oni.” The story has it that she killed people and collected parts of their body to make a perfect human figure. A young man named Sho, is spending his summer with his grandmother and meets Oni while he’s taking a walk in the woods. Blinded by his beauty, he is lured into Oni’s house… she is about to add his legs to her collection… Nobody can hear him crying for help…
*Tooko Miyagi (Author)

On the other hand, we also present the book that will make you laugh out loud! The cute and funny Itazura na Kiss Vol. 3!

Itazura na Kiss Vol. 03

Kotoko can’t believe that her beloved Naoki is moving out of the family house! He’s told their parents that he needs to live like an adult and make his own decisions, but how will Kotoko clean up her messes without his (constant) help? Does this spell the end of Kotoko’s unrequited love…or will she step up to the challenge of winning her dream man’s heart once and for all?
* Kaoru Tada (Author)

Enjoy all three different and fantastic stories!

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