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September 24, 2009

Games With Me available on eManga!

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eManga has expanded its library! We’ve recently been adding titles outside of Digital Manga’s own catalog, and one of them is the first volume of Games With Me, an original work by Tina Anderson and Linsley Brito.

The book has already been released in Germany, but it’s still unavailable in print form in the U.S. So here’s your chance to read it – on eManga!

Games With Me

Gardena, CA (September 24, 2009) – Digital Manga Publishing, Inc., one of the industry’s most innovative and unique companies, is proud to present a new title on its online rental and manga viewing site, eManga.comGames With Me, by writer Tina Anderson and artist Linsley Brito, is a historic yaoi set in San Francisco’s 19th century Chinatown. An original German manga published in 2009, Games With Me marks the beginning of eManga’s initiative to offer readers a variety of non-Japanese contents on the site. Games With Me is currently unavailable in print form in the U.S.

Featuring complete titles for rental and free previews from Digital Manga’s entire catalog, eManga streams content through an Adobe Flash player, which allows readers to access their library wherever they have an internet connection. With custom features that include two-page, one-page, or panel-by-panel reading, three custom zoom options, a bookmark bar, and auto play, the reader is also made to work with different screen sizes to maintain great image quality at any screen size.

The standard eManga rental package is $10 for 1000 points, with entire books averaging between 200 and 300 points. Higher packages come with free bonus points.  Points are kept in user’s accounts, allowing for quick and easy rental of titles whenever and wherever they want. For most of Digital Manga’s titles, you also have the option to read the entire book by spending eManga points to “rent” the title for a limited amount of time (currently 72 hours). If you later decide to rent the same title again, it will be automatically upgraded to an “unlimited” rental, which does not have time restrictions.

We invite you to sample or read Games With Me at our eManga site. Visit eManga at:


GAMES WITH ME VOL. 1, Rated M+ (for ages 18+), 148 pages.

Ex-Civil War surgeon George Callahan is a man haunted by his past.  Unwilling to deal with the demons of his childhood, he turns to opium and finds back-alley employment with the heartless brothel keepers of San Francisco’s Chinatown.  In Volume 1 of this gorgeously illustrated gay historical drama, Dr. George Callahan searches for a Chinese woman from his past, and soon finds himself unwittingly drawn to dim-witted male prostitute Jun, whose own life is complicated by the unwanted attentions of an aggressive bouncer named Roan Baxter.


About Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson is a prolific writer of homoerotic comics and global-manga whose titles include the filthy and fun Diplomatic Immunity for publisher Class Comics, the critically acclaimed historical Only Words for Iris Print, and a few shorts for global publisher Yaoi Press.

Games With Me is her first original German manga, published by The Wild Side.  Other German language yaoi titles include the upcoming ice-age comedy Loud Snow, the chaste short Ungestellt featured in Fireangels Verlag’s Lemon Law series, and the highly anticipated Roulette, once serialized in Dramaqueen’s global-yaoi anthology RUSH.

Additional English works include the gay horror novel Gadarene and the popular historical web comic, Whore of Turfan.

For more information about Tina Anderson, visit


About Lynsley Brito

Filipina-Chinese manhua artist Lynsley Brito’s work on Kali for long-running magazine Mango JAM established her as one of the youngest up and coming stars of the Philippine manga industry. The quality of Linsley’s work was soon noticed by international publishers and her original story Venom Fang later saw English language publication in Dramaqueen’s RUSH magazine. A spin-off, Shen Jie, was published in Mandarin by Cartoon King magazine – one of China’s largest Manhua publications.

Apart from her publication work, Lynsley has garnered a number of awards. Among them is 2nd-place in a Manga Creation competition held at Comic World 2007, one of Hong Kong’s biggest annual comic conventions. She was also featured as an Artist of The Month by ImagineFX in July of 2006. Currently, Lynsley is taking her BFA Degree in Cartoon and Animation at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China. Her latest work is Games With Me, published in Germany by The Wild Side.

For more information about Lynsley Brito, visit


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    Pingback by Nowy Tytuł: ‘Games With Me’ « GGY-Polska — September 24, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

  2. How can it be yaoi, if it obviously states its a gay drama? Anyway, my suggestion for OEL manga came through! I can’t wait, maybe I should submit something one day!

    Comment by Sakura — September 25, 2009 @ 5:30 am

  3. @Sakura, your tone worries me and it smacks of entitlement.

    This ideal of it being ‘yaoi’ or not because it contains ‘real gay’ is a bit outdated don’t you think? Considering that many BL mangaka these days include real gay men in their manga, and considering how many male fans in Japan enjoy BL (there’s even companies that market ‘yaoi for men’ now, most notable is Aqua], just because it’s a ‘gay historical drama’ doesn’t mean it can’t be called or considered yaoi, even if based solely on its art style.

    I’ve seen Ms. Brito’s work in RUSH and online, and I call it ‘yaoi’. As for Ms. Anderson’s story, this one is playing by the yaoi-rules, so it more than qualifies. And it’s written well to boot!

    Will there be print copies once both volumes are released digitally?


    Comment by Zeke — September 25, 2009 @ 12:29 pm

  4. Right now, we’re limiting to availability on eManga, but if the demand were such that the market for a print version is obvious, then I’d hope we could find a way to address that with the creators.

    Non-Japanese manga (and yaoi in particular, I feel) is a tough sell in the U.S. I believe this is why the first publication of ‘Games’ happened in Germany. The fan-base there is a bit more accepting, maybe.

    Comment by chibi-oni — September 25, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

  5. This is really great news. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Comment by Beijing Tours — July 31, 2010 @ 4:48 am

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