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August 19, 2009

eManga Reviewed, Scrolling Added

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Melinda Beasi has just posted a very positive review of eManga on her blog! Thank you! We definitely appreciate the feedback, and we have now addressed one of the issues she raised: page scrolling.

When using the eManga reader on smaller screens, or with higher zoom settings, the page often doesn’t fit in the browser window. There’s a Fit to Page option, but that usually makes the text too small to read. So that’s when scrolling comes in handy!

Several users have asked about the feature before. The original version of the reader had scrolling, but we decided to try something different – the software would automatically detect when the page didn’t fit the screen, so that when the user clicked “Next,” it would shift the page to make the next part of it visible. But it looks like the feature was too confusing or didn’t match what users wanted/expected, so we’ve finally decided to modify that auto-shifting feature and reactivate the scrolling feature.

So now, you can simply use your mouse wheel to scroll the page up and down! This will deactivate the position tracking for the page, though, so if you’re reading in Panel mode and then use the wheel to scroll, the next time you click “Next” you will advance to the next page rather than the next panel, no matter where on the page you were.

The Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard also work, but they scroll the page by a larger amount than the mouse wheel does.

In any case, try out the new scrolling feature! We’d like to hear more feedback from you about it (and the rest of the reading experience), so leave us a comment here or in the forums!

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