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April 6, 2016

(PR) Digital Manga, Inc. – Sights Now Focused on Kimagure Orange Road Stretch Goals!

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KOR Stretchgoal

Initial Goal Funded! DMI’s Crowd Funding For A Favorite 80’s Classic Is On Its Way!

Gardena, CA (April 6, 2016)
With almost amazing speed, the crowd funding power of the people has spoken… within a few day’s time, the initial goal of Digital Manga, Inc.’s project is funded! But it’s far from over. The funding is only for the first Omnibus. There are 5 volumes more to go! The first stretch goal of the campaign, of $56,900, will unlock Omnibus 2, (which collects the next 3 volumes of the original Japanese release.) Once unlocked, Kickstarter backers will be able to add-on this second volume to their new or existing pledge. From that, the momentum will easily pickup for funding of Omnibus 3, and so forth.

We have several reward tiers that have sold out! And requests for add-ons to be available from other reward tiers to be added to backer’s existing tiers. Comments and feedback from our supporters do not go ignored, and  considerations for new add-ons and new tiers will be made over the course of the campaign, pending on the progress of the funding.

Again, Digital Manga Inc. (DMI), thanks all backers for their continued support, and would to remind all that the mission is not over! As of the 6th day into the campaign, we are still about 79K short from funding all volumes. Only with backer support can we hope to bring this wonder work to your hands.

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