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February 23, 2015

Adding on individual Tezuka books

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We’ve gotten several requests for an ADD ON option that allows backers to choose which of the previous Tezuka titles they’d like to add to their Alabaster Kickstarter contribution. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! In addition to the current ADD ONs list, you can get the following:

$14 each Ludwig B vol.1-2 Digital
$13 Triton of the Sea vol.1 Digital
$13 Triton of the Sea vol.2 Digital
$13 Captain Ken vol.1 Digital
$13 Captain Ken vol.2 Digital
$16 Swallowing the Earth Digital
$13 Barbara Digital
$22 Unico Digital
$8 Atomcat Digital
$8 Brave Dan Digital
$5 Any one issue of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine

$35 for the set: Ludwig B vol.1-2 Print (FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING)
$30 for the set: Captain Ken vol.1 and vol.2 Print (FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING)
Please add $7 for each set for international shipping.

As always, please message us with your choices after you add the total amount to your pledge and we’ll make a note of it on our end and send you a confirmation.

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