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February 23, 2015

Find ‘Alabaster’ across the web!

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Check out the recent articles about our Alabaster campaign! If you would like to interview us for your audience, please feel free to drop us a line. This campaign ends at 5:28 PM PT on February 27, and we need to get the word out.

“Digital Manga Launches Kickstarter to Print Tezuka’s Alabaster” at Anime News Network
“DMP Launches New Tezuka Manga Kickstarter” at Otaku USA
“ALABASTER — Tezuka’s Lost Masterpiece?” at Anime Vice

We also sponsored this week’s episode of The Once and Future Podcast! Please head over there to listen to a great hour-long interview with Jonathan Maberry, author of the Joe Ledger series of books and the V Wars comics. Check out “O&F Podcast, Ep. 73: Jonathan Maberry” at The Once & Future Podcast now. ^_^


Anime News Network, Otaku USA, Anime Vice, and The Once & Future Podcast
have all featured our Kickstarter campaign.

Anime Vice asked us some especially interesting (challenging!) questions, including:

ASTRO BOY is famous in the states, with a Hollywood movie announced just recently, but why has it taken so long for James Block to reach American readers?

It has taken awhile for Tezuka titles like Alabaster to come here because Tezuka Productions was not really interested in international rights until about two years ago. They’re a smallish company of about 100 people and only two people run the international division.

There hasn’t really been much of Tezuka’s presence in America until about ten years ago with Metropolis and other titles. Since not many Americans knew who Tezuka was, it is difficult to garner attention from Tezuka Productions to release the rights for his manga. With the emergence of his animated work and films out as well as other companies publishing his work, his name and brand is slowly making an emergence here in America, but still slow to reach.

Tezuka created over 500 volumes of work, but there are only about four publishers located in America that are interested in publishing his work, and even then only about 50 books have made it to American shores. Tezuka fans are very loyal as well and his work is considered dignified manga, so DMP had to tread carefully when discussing the contract for publishing rights.

After years of negotiation, DMP has finally received the rights to his books, so Americans can expect to see more Tezuka work in the future.

…so we encourage you to read the full interview! (Don’t worry: it’s a short, but it packs a punch.)

Thank you all again for supporting this great campaign. We’re looking forward to bringing you Alabaster soon.

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