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February 19, 2015

Backer Spotlight: International ‘Alabaster’ backers represent!

“Well, it has been said that in the end, you don’t regret the things you did, but rather the things you didn’t do. I rather die a bit poorer but with the Tezuka works in my collection!” —Stephanie Lindström, international Alabaster backer

We know that shipping outside the United States is basically like selling an arm and a leg, and we’re very sorry! :( We do our best to keep shipping costs down, but we don’t have control over the shipping rates our carriers employ. With that in mind, we interviewed one of our international Alabaster Kickstarter supporters Stephanie to see if she could put things into perspective. As a Finnish graphic designer who loves movies, collects comics, and “reads science,” it turns out that she’s interested in just about everything! (Plus, she loves Star Wars. So do we, Stephanie; so do we.) Just like Daniel’s interview, we started with Osamu Tezuka.

Stephanie on KickstarterDigital Manga, Inc.: What was your first introduction to Osamu Tezuka’s work?

Stephanie Lindström: My first introduction to Tezuka was a short excerpt from Phoenix in Manga! Manga!: The World of Japanese Comics. However, in the early 90s there wasn’t much translated Tezuka around (if any), so it would be well into my adulthood before I read my first full length Tezuka, Message to Adolf.

DMI: What keeps you coming back for more?

SL: For me, the best thing about Tezuka’s work is his vast scope and uncompromising storytelling. He doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects and even when the stories take a really dark turn, he still manages to keep the stories human. Even today, there aren’t that many storytellers that have this ability.

DMI: We realize that international shipping is almost prohibitively expensive. What made you decide to pledge anyway, despite the high shipping cost?

SL: Well, it has been said that in the end, you don’t regret the things you did, but rather the things you didn’t do. I rather die a bit poorer but with the Tezuka works in my collection! :D On a more serious note I do feel that Tezuka’s best works are not just short moments of entertainment that you read and then discard away. Tezuka had a very profound understanding of human nature and drama, and I feel I can read his works over and over again and always gain some new insight.

DMI: What’s one thing you would change for the better about this campaign (or any other previous Digital Manga campaign that you’ve supported)?

SL: For me, these campaigns have offered all what I need: the books, that is. I really like the way you communicate with the pledgers and take our hopes into consideration; thank you for that!

You’re quite welcome! We’re fans ourselves, and we know that honesty with our supporters is important. To get in touch with Stephanie, please check out her graphic design portfolio!

If you have a friend or family member who lives abroad who is on the fence about pledging to support this campaign, please point them in our direction! We really appreciate it when you get the word out to other Tezuka fans. ^_^

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