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October 28, 2014

Follow-Up Answers to Tezuka KS

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Tezuka World Release Kickstarter:

1. What happens to Stretch #1/2 books if only the initial goal is funded?

Titles in stretch goal 1 & 2 will not get published if only the initial is funded. Decision to add to a future campaign will be decided at a much later time, depending on the licensor’s decision.

2. What happens to all the books if the kickstarter doesn’t get funded?

We’re not sure at this time, it’ll depend on lots of varying factors such as Tezuka Production/Licensor, etc.

3.  Does the licenses expire? (licensing time-frame)

Maybe, it’ll depend on the outcome of this campaign and Tezuka Production’s decision on what to do next.

4. Will there be a sufficient print run to supply the market if the kickstarter gets funded?

If the first goal gets funded, there will be enough to supply books to the backers first and foremost…  depending on how much gets funded after the first goal, will determine the print run will be if any for the open market.

Please note: Books being distributed to the open market will be released one volume at a time over a period of 2-3 years vs. through the campaign you’ll get it all at once

5. Are future kickstarters always going to be in big batches like this one?

It may or may not but regardless, we will rethink our overall kickstarter strategy in terms on tiers/stretch goals, etc, to meet the needs of our backers.


  1. @Q2/3 – Don’t you have a back up plan? Considering you taking up such a big project 400 titles at once you must have somekind of “plan B” so we can still enjoy the books? I’m not really worry about license since DMP must be given sufficient amount of time frame to release large number of books.

    @Q4 – What about books from previous kickstarter will they be re-printed (many of them OOP).

    @Q5 – If this successful how often will you be doing kickstarter since the books for the market will be release over period of 2-3yrs, will you wait until all the books released?

    Comment by Till — October 29, 2014 @ 12:11 am

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