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July 14, 2009

Much More DMP On Kindle

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Great news for Kindle and iPhone users! Digital Manga has just added a lot more books for you to read on your mobile devices! Here’s the full press release:


Gardena, CA (July 13, 2009) – Digital Manga Publishing, one of the manga publishing industry’s most innovative and unique companies, is proud to announce the availability of select DMP and Juné titles for both the Amazon Kindle and iPhone!  Now you can read DMP and Juné on the go, right from your very own wireless device!  Digital Manga Publishing is excited to showcase some great titles available now! And if you don’t have a Kindle, you can purchase one at If you have an  iPhone, you can read many of DMP’s offerings there as well. On the iPhone, you can download DMP titles through the Kindle application: visit the Amazon Kindle store at, or download the free Kindle App through iTunes.

For a more detailed list, including all available and new Digital Manga titles, visit and, or visit the Kindle store, and do a keyword search for “manga”. You can even download samples and test all the titles before purchase!

Under the DMP imprint:
Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1 manga, $7.95
Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D Vol. 2 manga, $7.95
Let’s Draw Manga: Shoujo Characters, $12.95
Let’s Draw Manga: Yaoi, $12.95
AND MORE! Check for all of the available DMP manga for the Kindle.

Under the Juné imprint:
Better Than A Dream (novel), $5.95
Gentle Cage (novel), $5.95
Immoral Darkness (novel), $5.95
Body Language (novel), $5.95
Like A Love Comedy (novel), $5.95
S Vol. 1 (novel), $5.95
Caged Slave (novel), $5.95
A Promise Of Romance (novel), $5.95

Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 1, $7.95
Awaken Forest, $7.95
Lost Boys, $7.95
Sugar Milk, $7.95
Endless Rain, $7.95
Love Training, $7.95
Party, $7.95
AND MORE! Check for all of the available June’ manga and novels for the Kindle.

We continue to add more titles each day to the already extensive list of titles available for download, and we stand at over forty titles and counting! For some titles that have long been unavailable or out of print, this is a great way to get those titles, and you can sample them to see if you are interested in purchasing! Plus, now for the summer and traveling, you can have our novels and manga available at any time, anywhere! We’re proud to be able to offer so many great titles to our fans, so go ahead and check them all out!


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