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December 10, 2013

DinoByte’s Wish List Sale + Weekly Digital Round Up

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‘Tis the season of giving, and we have a gift for you! ~
You have all been such amazing supporters of eManga that we wanted to give you the very titles that you’ve always wanted. Dinobyte got your wish lists and is putting your most requested titles on sale! For next 2 weeks, we will be discounting 25% off your 15 most requested titles.

Starting Tuesday, Dec. 10th to Monday Dec. 16th, the bottom 8 books on the list will be discounted. And for the following week, starting Tuesday, Dec. 17th to Monday Dec. 23rd, the top 7 books will be discounted.

Whether you’ve been naughty, or nice, or simply in hibernation for the past year, treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of manga this holiday season.


Yaoi Titles:
** A Fortnight Until We Touch by Sae Nakamura **
** It May Not Be Love by Aoi Kujyou **
** Nude Moments by Koreaki Kamuro **
** Silent Voice by Atsuki Kyoyama **


Regular Titles:
** The Hentai Prince And Stony Cat by Kantoku, Okomeken, Sou Sagara **
** Demon City Shinjuku: The Complete Edition by Hideyuki Kikuchi **


Hentai Titles:
** Cosplay Girlfriend by Hiroshi Itaba **
** Extra Juicy by Mizuki Asamori **

** Now for our digital releases for this week:

Chow Down Champs Vol. 1: Hungry for success! An appetite for glory!
Momotaro High longs to triumph in the Chow Down Championships—but always end up bottom of the bowl. The arrival of a new coach, Kutaro Moriyama, could be just the boost they need. But does he have what it takes to lead them to victory? Or will his past come back to haunt him…?
After School In The Teacher’s Lounge Vol. 1: The First Summer 
Mr. Kawase’s life turns completely upside down when fellow teacher, Mr. Kazama, confesses he’s in love with Kawase! Kawase is a high school art teacher who has never once fallen in love. So when handsome goofball Kazama asks him out, Kawase agrees, thinking Kazama is just up to his usual pranks, but he soon realizes Kazama’s declaration of love is no joke. Through a series of exciting and sometimes heart-breaking encounters with his colleagues and students, Kawase learns what it means to love and be loved, and how to live with a love and life not readily accepted by society.
Io, la Tigre e i suoi capricci (Attacked on a Tiger’s Whim Italian): Tomoya è perseguitato da una tigre − una tigre di nome Murase. Murase Masatora è uno yakuza, un delinquente, un pervertito che non si è fatto scrupoli ad assalirlo per ben due volte, rovinandogli completamente la vita… e ora che il ragazzo sembra aver ritrovato un equilibrio, la tigre ricompare per trascinarlo nell’incubo. Tomoya sa che dovrebbe resistergli, che i loro stili di vita sono incompatibili e che non ha nulla da spartire con i criminali come Murase; e tuttavia, ormai non riesce a fare a meno di lui…
Pink Bunny Play Time: Satoshi Kurakawa loves outer space – more than he loves video games, socializing, or girls. However, one night as he admires the moon a bunny girl shows up in his telescope?! Furthermore, this bunny girl magically transports to his room and delivers him with the most unusual ultimatum as consequence for seeing her: he can either go back to the moon with her or be slaughtered mercilessly! Satoshi isn’t too keen on either idea, but this bunny girl is going to pull out some super sexy moves in order to change his mind! These cute bunny girls know what’s up, and they’re more than willing to show him how it’s done!Also included is a spicy short story of a cold hearted mistress and her servant, who is dedicated to both her well being and her sexual education.
The Tale of Boobs: Chichi


Transcending the bonds of time, the love between a princess and her lowly attendant is finally consummated, one thousand years after they are separated in death. In “Millennium Tale: The Fox Princess”, a fox-god takes pity on a princess who has lost her lover and lends her some power, turning her into a fox-girl so that she may wait for him again in the next life when he is reincarnated. The tale is made complete with the newly penned conclusion, “Millennium Tale: Forever Love”.

Other stories include: a gender-bending tale about a boy who accidentally possesses a girl during an intimate encounter; the sexual misadventure of a cute lolita witch and her perverted student as they test the latest spell; after his friend is hypnotized, a boy considers the sexual possibilities that a full grown woman with the mind of a child might posses; and other tales filled to the brim with big-breasted cuties and their hot, passionate, sexual exploits! Several chapters in beautiful full color also included!

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