Double Promo on eManga!

For the next two weeks, eManga is running two promotional offers simultaneously! Save some points and get entered into a special raffle!

First, we’re offering a discount of 50 points off on all eManga titles!

On top of that, if you rent or buy any of the following titles – Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 1, Othello, Millennium Darling 2006, Hot Limit, and Love Share – you’ll be entered into a special give-away raffle! Two lucky winners will receive 300 eManga points, plus a free hard copy of their choice from one of Digital Manga’s June or July releases!

June Titles:
Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 3
Ludwig II Vol. 1
On Bended Knee
Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol. 4
Swallowing the Earth

July Titles
Ai No Kusabi Vol. 6
Angelic Runes
The Guilty – Forsaken Vol. 4
Love Control Vol. 2
Millennium Prime Minister Vol. 1
Shining Moon Vol. 4
Train Train Vol. 2

Both promotions begin at 12:00pm on Thursday, June 11, 2009 and end at 12:00pm on Thursday, June 25, 2009. Don’t miss out!


2 Responses to “Double Promo on eManga!”

  1. Janne says:

    UHM….i bought one of those titles….”Othello”….but i had to buy the manga directly in here….or…???

  2. chibi-oni says:

    In order to qualify for the promotion, you must simply rent or buy any of the listed titles from the website before June 24.

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